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Zox Pro vs Reading Genius vs Photoreading?!!

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Re: Zox Pro vs Reading Genius vs Photoreading?!!

Post by ksalim on Mon Jun 20, 2011 3:48 pm

donbhai wrote:hey what is AFAIK PR
never heard of it

PR = PhotoReading

AFAIK = As Far As I Know ... i also didn't know what they mean but i googled them, when u find such stuff just write them on google and you'll find the answer donbhai :)

donbhai wrote: what can be done to master these

from what i heard from masterneme and others is practice practice and ... practice + having the ability to gent into the alpha or theta state consciously

donbhai wrote: photo reading and zox are almost same in approach i have tried them still trying to master them
till now i haven't got any breakthrough though i have heard and practiced the sessions almost more than twice
i think it requires time
reading genius i have finished it is also good
but after listening all i can conclude they all actually employ more or less the same tech named differently

i think u should master 1 at a time and not combine, regarding zox and photoreading, well i think that although they r almost the same, but each uses different techniques for activation, that's why after u master each u can try to make trials in order to see which combination of techniques suits u best, that's ASSUMING that their promise regarding such speed is TRUE which i doubt, maybe they enhance, but definitely not to that extent
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Re: Zox Pro vs Reading Genius vs Photoreading?!!

Post by masterneme on Sat Jun 25, 2011 12:07 pm

ksalim wrote:thanks masterneme ... so it's all about practice, persistence and self control ... that's great, now i have 2 questions:

1. have u met anyone that can actually photoread according to their description and premise? or is it just a personal opinion?

2. if ur sure of what ur saying, would it be more practical to start zox, then reading genius, then work my way up to PR?

thanks for ur time in advance, and btw, long time no c :)), how is the meta-coaching going with u? lol, i hope life is peachy with u :))

Well, I don't know anyone personally that likes this kind of stuff, the average people think that personal development stuff is "unrealistic" woo woo, but there are good examples of success on the Learning Strategies forums. I also know hypnosis trainers that talk about some of their students having massive success with some kind of waking hypnosis techniques. And in my country there is a mentalist named Ramón Campayo that is a world champion of the Speed Memory tournaments, he teaches some systems similar to Photoreading.

There is one thing that actually slows down real world results with these methods, it's our belief system. If you don't believe subconsciously that this is achievable you won't succeed and if you do, it will be after a looooong time. This is why a lot of practice is needed, we have the potential but our beliefs decelerate the process until we experience real results by ourselves. First we have to work for the system, when we have the breaktrhough and really know that it works the system will work for us.

If you want to be a photoreader, just do Photoreading, if you're not sure do all of them and then decide which one you like more, and then stick with it until you master it.

Hahaha Meta-coaching is a bit more advanced of what I need :)

I've been on two Silva Mind Control workshops, they're great. In my home I found harder to get the same results and I switched to just self-hypnosis because is the same stuff and quicker, I've been looking for a good hypnotist to install an instant self-hypnosis trigger so I can perform hypnotic phenomena even faster.

The key brainwaves to photoread it seems to be Theta, I got sleepy sometimes going into this state :D
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