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Your friends can hinder your success

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Your friends can hinder your success

Post by zgreatest on Wed Mar 13, 2013 10:48 pm


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Re: Your friends can hinder your success

Post by era1213 on Wed Aug 07, 2013 3:04 am

Every thought, view, or opinion we have is from our reality. The same goes with other people. So rather than letting other people’s opinions affect you in a negative way, better focus more on what really matters: what you believe in.

Some people get offended easily by negative remarks from other people, not knowing that no matter what other people think of them, the reality they live in is created by them. Never let offensive remarks let you down. Always remember that no matter what others tell you about yourself, it doesn’t really matter because what you believe yourself to be is what you really are.

So the next time someone taunts, insults, or says negative things to you, make it a point to let it in on one ear and out on the other. Once you have habituated yourself to this, you will have better control over your emotions and your self-esteem will never again be affected by outside forces.

On the other hand, remember not to criticize other people as well. Focus on your own reality, on how you are paving your way towards success and how you are attracting the things that you desire for in your reality. Don’t waste your precious time and energy thinking about imperfections but rather stay focused on the good side of everything.
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