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Your biggest difficulty when trying to get more confidence

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Re: Your biggest difficulty when trying to get more confidence

Post by shinyjourney on Thu Aug 12, 2010 8:16 pm

Hi, for me, i think that the biggest difficulty i have to be more confident is when i look for being more confident...

Yes, it could sound weird, but i really think that confidence isn't the key to feel great in front of other people.
I think that confidence is just a way for our ego to feel good and have a good opinion about him.

But, i realized that the most important thing to feel peace and happiness (not confidence), is to be really in touch with ourself.
I realized that i was believing thoughts that made me feel bad in front of other people. For example, i was with my boyfriend and heard a song i loved. I started to sing and felt really ashamed because i don't sing well. (my boyfriend is an artist so the pressure is more important than if it was somebody who doesn't know singing like me). And then, i realized that i was believing the thought :"i have to sing well, and it has to be beautiful." But the moment i realized that, i understood that the moment i did not believe this thought and then give myself the right to sing as i want to sing, i felt no pressure anymore.
I was putting my self in a jail where i could not be free to do what i want to do.

That's why i say that confidence is not a goal for me. Peace and freedom is a goal. And when you achieve this, people think you're confident, but you're not.

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Re: Your biggest difficulty when trying to get more confidence

Post by paulineh on Fri Sep 03, 2010 3:27 pm

The biggest obstacle when trying to get more confidence is only "YOURSELF". Being able to improve confidence in yourself and being true to yourself are two things that will benefit you enormously. Getting to know yourself has to be the first step you take to improve confidence in yourself.
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