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why I joined

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why I joined

Post by Elisagal on Tue Nov 27, 2012 11:42 pm


I joined this forum after googeling endlessly to figure out how to move forward in my quest to become
financially independent.

The recession of the past four years has turned my world upside down. I have gone from being a wife --taken care of by her husband a women faced with rebuilding her life at mid-age.

The details are boring..but lets just say.. I've been blindsided by financial hardship.

But, I looked at it as a chance to expand my business..which was just a hobby until all this happened. I have had success. Since I don't know anything about investing.. my first move toward wealth was to save money and only invest in myself and my business. I mean if I saw a penny on the ground, i picked it up and saved it. I still do. I have learned to not equate buying things with happiness. I don't purchase. I earn and save. The more I save the safer I feel.
However, I now find I can't really spend money like I used to. The desire is gone. I save.

That brings me to why I joined this forum. I have a more than decent amount of cash saved and need to take the next step and learn how to stop counting it and make it work for me. I plan to continue to build my business and am on track for that. But I want to see what other people are doing investment wise. I am determined to never have to worry about money again. I'm looking forward to reading what your successes and failures have been. If we all share openly ..we can all learn from each other.
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