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Why 99% of People Give Up?

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Why 99% of People Give Up?

Post by viktorados on Sun Mar 16, 2008 2:27 pm

Why 99% of People Give Up

- Why are most people like that
- Why can't they keep on working
- Haven't they learned it, or they have learned but they are not able to stay focused
- What should you do to change them (or maybe they can not be changed.)

Please let me and others know about your idea. Have you experienced this problem too
Are you among those who are hard-worker and focused or you give up easily
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Re: Why 99% of People Give Up?

Post by mrheredia on Mon Mar 17, 2008 6:26 am

I think is all about human evolution and we slowly will be snapping out of it.
Inspiration or Desperation can get you out of that state, but you have to find it yourself, nobody can help unless you want to make the change.
Don't give up... you already make the first step towards achievement.
Live the life of your dreams!
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Re: Why 99% of People Give Up?

Post by markzor on Mon Mar 17, 2008 10:38 am

Well my personal experience of giving up in the past is very scary. In fact, thinking back makes me regret it even more. I use to give up at everything I do. I would skip school just so I can stay home and get relaxed in bed. I knew that skipping school would make me feel better because I didn't want to interact with other people which might lead to them making me sad. Now i go to school everyday, because I know life is bigger. Another reason people give up so easily because usually people don't get compliments or praised. If you were taught to work hard, then yes, you work expectionally hard for your reasons. Another reason why people give up so easily because they don't have any goals at all. Another strong factor I believe is peer groups. Imagine in your whole entire life, you saw friends having fun all the time, what do you do You have fun. People have fun, that's the reason why people give up so easily. They rather have fun than work harder. Also people may lack confidence or motivation which leads to people giving up. I believe all of us as human being were not born to have a strong sense of hardship, we rather have a easier life than a hard life, that is why we give up. Also people are ignorant or they just lack knowledge, they don't see what's right in front of them, they have a life to fufill as human beings. We are born with a purpose, to find who we really are. We study ourselves, we meet people and our thoughts changes constantly. We were never told to work hard or never give up, we were never given lessons to not give up. Everyone's personality is different but giving up is much easier than working hard because giving up makes us feel good. Working hard makes does not makes us feel good that is why people give up easily. They don't feel good when they work hard.

sorry for my bad grammar.
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Re: Why 99% of People Give Up?

Post by larry on Mon Apr 14, 2008 6:12 pm

in a way you'd better be thankful that so many people do give up...

if we'd all fight at 100%, there'd be no more room for outstanders

now of course there's a probably a step between wanting to succeed in life and oustand in life... interesting point tho
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Re: Why 99% of People Give Up?

Post by nhaggart on Mon Apr 28, 2008 2:34 pm

I never give up - never havee never will!!!

I belive that the people who give up easy are scared that they will get what they want and wont like it, or that they will have nothing more to aim for.
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