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Why 99% of People Give Up?

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Re: Why 99% of People Give Up?

Post by Trinity on Tue Dec 02, 2008 2:43 pm

My experience working with groups of people is that:

1. They are not following their passion or is it just not important enough on their list. Clue being the ideas, thoughts, feelings about something that keeps coming up, no matter how ridiculous or impossible it might appear.

2. They take mentoring from people who don't work like they do. To use running as an analogy. When I run with my partner in a morning, he focuses on the finishing point and lets it 'pull' him to the end... and I can only focus on reaching 10 metres at a time and keep my eyes focused on the ground until I run over the finish line. So to coach each other we have to use the appropriate language that inspires and doesn't overwhelm each other. Though fundamental in our needs as humans, our motivations and inspiration differs. We should all seek mentors who speak our language and do the things that we can truly 'see' ourselves doing and not try to be something that doesn't 'feel' right.

3. 99% of people give up because 99% of people are in love with the 'idea' of having a better life and say 'Yes' with absolutely no idea of what is required.

4. People who give up surround themselves with other people who give up.
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Re: Why 99% of People Give Up?

Post by RuiFerreira on Tue Feb 10, 2009 1:55 pm

Well, giving up is the opposite of not doing anything. What do I mean with this? When you think you're not doing anything then you WILL be stressed out because you know they are things you should be doing and you're not doing them.

I guess people will give up to avoid the extra stress of even knowing they should just take action.

IMHO Not Giving Up is the first and most important of all the axioms in selfdev. If you don't give up you will someday reach a place far, far above what you started up with. It might take more, it might take less, but if we take a closer look, basically we are just pushing the envelope further and further.

To change requires stress/anxiety, etc, and whoever is able to just feel that, decompose it, figure it out, change the self wiring with tools/techniques or plain old good introspection then that person will be a true human.

A true ever expanding human being!

Like they say in Galaxy Quest! : "Never Give UP! Never Surrender!" :D
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Re: Why 99% of People Give Up?

Post by RedDragon on Wed Feb 11, 2009 8:18 am

Coming back about 6 months after I first posted this my feeling is that people give up for a variety of reasons but the most important ones are:

1. Most people give up because following their dreams is not conventional even if the dreams that they actually have are fairly commonplace like being wealthy. Having read biographies of people who became rich or famous later in life, most of them would be considered losers by society for a great deal of time when they had no real prospects or return on their dream (the guy who owns Maxim and a bunch of computer magazines is a good example, his name escapes me tho). It is the old problem of thinking that the you are on the right road because it is a well-beaten path. The security it provides is much greater as well. So even higher than fear of success or fear of failure I would say the fear of being perceived to have failed or be failing is a stronger driving force.

2. Overcomplicating things. If you look at something fairly simple like conditioning yourself for success with a positive mindset and affirmations then there are thousands of books on the topic and all contain basically the same information but instead of applying the info most people will read more and more rather than actually applying what they already know. It probably links into the Pareto principle. Lots of the marketing or investment books all contain the same basic ideas and principles also, and people fall into the trap (myself included) of thinking that more information is needed to succeed rather than simply applying the info you already have.
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Re: Why 99% of People Give Up?

Post by sadabz on Thu Aug 13, 2009 3:12 pm

i completely agree...but what shud i do???
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Re: Why 99% of People Give Up?

Post by netanel22 on Tue Aug 18, 2009 6:04 am

Interesting Thread, I think that the regular phrase we regularly heard from people that say: "have no expectation and therefor you won't be disappointed" is the one to blame, see if you don't have any expectations it's means you don't have vision, big dreams, determination, or believe in yourself.
I think there is a key that balance your mentality to have big expectations and don't be disappointed when things don't go well, it works for me, I have a believe that say that a lot of things in life are illusions, and Allstar is an Explosions (means to have an outstanding success the road filled with major rising and falling-it's your choice if you want to watch the explosions from a far distance or to be in the center of it- too bad on your health, hair, and grace) use what you have now (this is the solution - means, instead of you focusing on your goals in a numb kind of way, You'll be living the moment, think of what you already have and not about what you don't have and yet trying to achieve).

So how could you have expectations, visions, dreams and live the moment without getting hurt in the process filled with failures and sometimes dead ends?
What I do, is separating action and visualization, I think we should act upon using what we already have now - starting appreciating and being grateful. this mentality and attitude is an enjoyable, and easy going for everyone.
Secondly, feel and see your visions, dreams and expectations in a demanding way, this is the key in my opinion, don't ask for what you want, demand it firmly, from the world/universe however you want to call it. When it comes with knowing that a lot of things in this world are illusions and you should expect a lot of explosions in your way, it is up to you to really feel what you want and really demand it impudently and see it brightly , And leave it to the higher power, and know that this is the best you can do, repetition is the only way to rush the "universe" to give you what you want.
Desperation is a necessary ingredient to learning anything, or creating anything. Period.
If you ain't desperate at some point, you ain't interesting.

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