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which might well

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which might well

Post by huhu5 on Sun Nov 13, 2011 12:28 pm

The last day of the University Chapter
Zhao, fruit, when it left the Normal last day of June, leaving all the formalities have been completed on all the last few days, bedding, luggage have all been playing the bag, one by one, stuffed full to the brim, tied too strict tight field heap on the bed, the table shows that the owner of the hurry and rush to leave messy.
Past has now become quiet noisy dormitory extremely dormitory with eight, five are fromwholesale handbags from china Beijing to the outer suburbs, whether good or bad results, even if every year is the first, as put in there, graduated also naturally come back to where to go, can not help them have a second choice, so that these people with a look of resigned and full of resentment back waiting for the allocation to the County Board of Education. There are also clever point can not escape love to know the students, the next best thing, secretly let the family connections, can be assigned to the county for the focus of secondary school, which might well be a wise move. Zhao, fruit, at least in view, be regarded as efforts to fight for these students to grasp their own destiny.
As for urban students, regardless of eight seven have long been looking for a good aunt to help them work unit, although in principle the teacher must be graduates of a teacher, many students can be distracted is on the way home, some directly abroad, and some staying into the British ministry, but also of actually removed into the other universities, have been transformed into a respected university teachers, the most incompetent into the city focus on secondary schools, all of them are too proud to look very, repeated told, but rather the urban middle grades students an advantage.
No matter how proud of you, how wronged, one school term, everyone went their own or their future, four years so Fengliuyunsan up.
Senior school students in urban areas is not how to live from the dormitory, and suburban students by their family members also had large bags picked up, go left a dorm fruit of Zhao. Only she is from outside Beijing, and neither the city nor the county is rural, coach handbags outlet whom are not nearly go far, dealing with people it can not hard-edged, but it is not temperature lukewarm, occasionally reveal what towering. Such a person, such temper, in fact, it means ordinary one, thrown into the crowd is also a submerged object. Fortunately, there are somewhat handsome looks, and my heart is some strong-minded, even though in the eyes of others, and these strong-minded, "stubborn, obstinate, stubborn, not flexible," the same, but the fruit is still hardcore Zhao, Zhao Lei's words with her boyfriend She is long with a "smart face stupid intestines."
Clever worth mentioning, confused worth mentioning, whatever the outcome, Zhao fruit of university life be a smooth curtain call, she review the four years of college life, there are only "nothing exciting" words can describe, ambition, no director of the school, the only outcomes before graduation fashion "Twilight Love" one, and with the field and fellow classmate of Beijing Zhao Lei finalized boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.
Think of Zhao Lei, wholesale prada handbagsZhao Fruit mind is baffled. Zhao Lei, the department has always been a limelight person, the teacher's pet, girl crush crush, with outstanding results, looks handsome, everything is not lost to local Beijing students. Is such a person, even the pursuit of such a family background of her flat, the foreign female character is not lovable, it is eye-popping. Zhao Lei, took a fancy to her she did not know what point, do not want to get to the bottom, only go so confused, flies day is one day.
Last night she slept on a bare hard board bed, was covered of old towels, my thinking is already in the thousands of miles away Zhao Lei. With the field of Health, Zhao Lei and her fate is poles apart, he was not a passive waiting for her so early in the sophomore class from the self-study report on the law books began teaching, and finally he just according to their real ability admitted to Peking University to Read the Cheap coach handbagslaw of double degree.
Zhao Lei taking Quxianjiuguo line, the original Entrance is not normal students, will graduate to become secondary school teachers, was admitted to the research is useless, the department will not release the file go to file, first make thirty thousand Six training costs, the foreign students even worse, the account must fight back to the origin.
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