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What Women Want

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What Women Want

Post by viktorados on Sat Oct 04, 2008 8:56 pm

So, as per usual, I flounce into the office, early morning, past my inbox packed with papers I don't want to think about. I swing back by and am sorting through. There are two handwritten pages, from my boss' 13 year old son.

In this letter, he tells me how cool, smart, funny, and passionate I am. He thanks me for listening to him, taking time out of my day to chat about robotics with him, etc. He even refers to me as "super hot." Made me laugh out loud on that part.

I was thinking to myself: How many ADULT men would say this to their wives or girlfriends or romantic interests Slamhot is one of the few who sends me emails and notes just to pump my ego, and you know what This is how men end up in really happy relationships, when they learn to set forth total emotional honesty no matter what the price. Women like that. Since this site is mostly populated by men, thought you should know. :D
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