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What's the most meaningful life lesson you ever learned?

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What's the most meaningful life lesson you ever learned?

Post by SuccessCoach on Sat Jul 16, 2011 10:59 pm

I did a radio show about my latest book, Success is a Choice! 20 Action Steps that will change your life. NOW!, last week and we took calls from listeners who wanted to share their life lessons with us. As always, the best insights came from average Joes and Janes who learned from experience--rather than some television star who wants to share the challenges of hiring a butler. So what's your story? What life lesson really sticks with you?

For me, "Don't lose what you got to get what you don't need.". For me that sums up what I work on and turn down. I turn down so many opportunities based on this lesson.
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Re: What's the most meaningful life lesson you ever learned?

Post by cawabongo on Tue Jul 19, 2011 7:03 pm

a couple:
1)When talking to friends/collegues- sometimes its better not to prove you're right and explain them but agree with what they say(even though you're right) and do the "less best thing" that someone else proposes (eventhough your ideas might be better).
2) what is the best way to get someone to get a solution? Is it by telling him - NO, is it by asking the right question? NO According to me it is to learn them to ask: What question do I need to ask myself now?
3) to drink lots of water
4) to practice the skill of certainty
5) to create a purpose of your life (will give capability to get the right answers to some of your questions)
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