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What is your favorite seduction material? Top class review

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Re: What is your favorite seduction material? Top class review

Post by mapotofuu on Thu Sep 11, 2008 7:49 pm

Thanks for the recommendations! I have recently watching David DeAngelos material. it seems very down to earth. It is different from mystery's stuff where you memorize lines and the structure of the interatction.
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Re: What is your favorite seduction material? Top class review

Post by donmayor on Sat Sep 13, 2008 8:09 pm

I've only used David DeAngelo's materials and I don't think there can be any better out there
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Re: What is your favorite seduction material? Top class review

Post by nabeelTirmazi on Fri Sep 19, 2008 6:32 am

Hey guys, What about Carlos Xuma, just started to read his Alpha Man after completing The Game of Style.....What about Carlos style
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Re: What is your favorite seduction material? Top class review

Post by saison on Fri Sep 19, 2008 12:44 pm

I feel sad when I see people need seduction material to seduce a woman or man.Be successful and make your character great then you will never need these material to seduce.Woman or man will run after you.Instead of making self improvement in your personality,we are wasting time and money on these techniques.It should be women or man running after you but you are running after woman or man.This is really sad.Don't focus on women or man and focus on your self improvement,everything will fall into the place.Too many woman or man is life makes life more miserable and is waste of time and energy.Have just one and a good one.Having too much s** is also bad.Preserve the vital force (seminal energy)) very, very carefully. Seminal energy is God in motion or manifestation. Seminal energy is all power. Seminal energy is all money. Seminal energy is the essence of life, thought and intelligence. This instruction is not for bachelors only.Married people should also follow.Because of Seminal Energy a lively human being is manifested so why waste this energy on such act.s** is just for reproduction and not for enjoyment.s** should be on moderate level.This is very important.This is my experience & opinion about fair s** and married life.Enough though I am not saint but felt I should share with u.This things u feel when u had experience and fulfilled.For a inexperience person or unfulfilled person this experience is a heaven waiting to unfold.Please don't get offended.
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Re: What is your favorite seduction material? Top class revi

Post by leo_vip on Wed Oct 15, 2008 2:54 am

i am very surprised to see everyone here really enjoying David D's stuff. I heard about the guy, read some of his stuff and was completely turned off. Cocky funny Really More like being a prick all the time. David D is all about marketing, he started off with Ross G, took his teachings, modified them a bit, and marketed them in a completely different way. His genius comes from his marketing skill, not what he actually presents in his products. He actually moved away from Pick up and started a Marketing company instead, in which he explains his methods that made his pick up franchise so great (such as using alliteration by creating a fake name: David DeAngelo, his company name Double Your Dating, etc).

I have to be honest that I do like Mystery Method, but do think the peacocking part needs to be toned down a lot from what he does. keep to to a ring or two, a necklace etc. His Negs like he states so many times, are only supposed to be for the supermodel women out there. In fact, his whole method was designed for getting the really hot women out there, such as supermodels, waitresses, strippers, etc. Now I would never try to get w a stripper, but yeah, cant bash his method if you are only using it on average women. It was not designed for that.

As for Style, I like him as well, if only because he writes so well and makes reading his stuff a real pleasure. His stories might not all be true and there is a ton of marketing on his side as well, but his Style challenge is really amazing in many ways. One of my classes on positive psychology at Harvard actually covered most of the stuff he covered using psychology studies even though they had no idea he existed nor did they refer to the seduction community. His stuff (which is borrowed from everyone else) is very much applicable to everything, not just getting the girl, but also in how you present yourself and deal with people in business environments.

Tyler Durden, I definitely hated this guy after reading The Game, and further research revealed that his RSD defrauded a ton of people who took their bootcamps. They eventually changed their ways, but still, last I head Tyler had left the seduction community and started his own self help company instead due to the poor reputation he had there. He basically took the same ideas but started fresh with people who had never heard of him in the self help world.

i am a fan of the pickup 101 videos, even if the guy who gives them looks like a complete and insecure loser. Even if he has not mastered the techniques or pulls them off well, the material he presents is actually pretty solid.
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