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What do women find physically attractive in a man?

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What do women find physically attractive in a man?

Post by hoodia on Sat Oct 04, 2008 8:45 pm

Just throw out your "types" as far as physical attraction goes. Just looking to see which types are the most common and if they correlate to the woman herself. (ex. a woman of a certain physical type goes for a male counterpart)
Describe your appearence and your ideal guy physically.

This is based purely on the physical type. I myself know that I have a certain type of girl that I am physically attracted to, but I tend to neglect the physical for the mental aspect. Eventually I end up attracted to girls just based on their mental processes. I can never balance it. Either I'm really attracted to a girl physically but not mentally or the other way around to a certain degree.
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Re: What do women find physically attractive in a man?

Post by shaggyXL on Sun Nov 09, 2008 10:36 pm

Evolutionary studies have stated that any woman (ranging from a 13 years old girl to your granny) are naturally atracted to a wide shoulders/tight waist man type. A sign of strenght and health in order to preserve the species. But this its only the half part of it, our natural odour have much information about ourselves, a good idea its not to hide "a lot of it" with perfume and deodorants. Different odour types in the couple, match.

Sorry about my poor english :) my 2 cents
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