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What are the top 3 sectors where to start your business?

Real Estate & Property Development, Small Business & Entrepreneurs, Negotiation & Contracts, Consulting, Recruitment & Interviewing, Sales & Marketing, Money Management & Taxes, Offshore & Tax Avoidance, Management & Leadership, Mindset & Achievement, Corporate Design & Branding, Customer Service


Re: What are the top 3 sectors where to start your business?

Post by Newcreationblue on Sat Feb 16, 2013 2:53 pm

Buy stock in energy sectors. Start small. You will need to carry out research into what stocks are strong with medium - long term profitability. Subscribe to stock information newsletters like energy investor for up to date information and guidance.
Build a portfolio.. you will be surprised.

3 areas of growth:

*Weapons technology
*Canadian Oil
*Alternative energy sources

Or build a portfolio of property.

Or find a profitable niche and sell to that market.

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