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weight lifting routine

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weight lifting routine

Post by sicnermafde345 on Tue Jan 03, 2012 9:28 pm

Solid weight training programs are critical to accomplishing the build muscle and gain

weight fast goal. It isn't enough to just walk into a gym and throw around some weights,

not if you want to be successful in short order. You must instead have a weight lifting

program that is tailored to accomplishing your specific goal - to build muscle mass.

As important as weight training programs are to success, it is also important to remember

they are not the only important factor. There are three factors that contribute to building

muscle mass - diet, training AND rest. All are equally critical to success. Fail to account

for one factor and you will fail to maximize your muscle building capability.

When a solid weight gain diet is combined with a well-planned weight training program and

sufficient rest, it can be a powerful force.

Without your diet supplying the raw materials your body needs to build muscle, all the hard

work you do in the gym will be wasted. If you don't provide the body enough rest time with

which to repair and rebuild muscle, all your weight training will be wasted.

The most common mistake beginner and intermediate trainers make in their mass gain approach

is an over-emphasis on their weight training and an under-emphasis on their eating and


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