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“Wanting” vs “Having”…

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“Wanting” vs “Having”…

Post by era1213 on Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:37 am

Here’s an important distinction that a TON of people are missing…

There is a huge difference between vibrating on the level of “having” instead of “wanting”.

At it’s most basic level, the Law of Attraction states that we attract more of what we put out. What we put is out, is referring to our vibration. How do we know what vibration we’re putting out? Well, that’s what emotion is for!

You emotions are your direct translation of the vibration you’re putting out. This means, when you’re feeling good, you’re transmitting a vibration of “good” (obviously we should be getting more specific than that, but it’ll do for the point I’m making) – since you’re transmitting a vibration of “good”, you attract more good things into your life.

Ok, now onto having and wanting. Here’s the thing, when you put out a vibration of “wanting”, you get more “wanting”.

Now, when you think about that thing or experience that you want really, really badly – what feelings come up? Are they feelings of badly wanting that thing? If that’s the case, you’re just attracting more “wanting” :(

If you’d prefer to actually have that thing or experience instead of just want it…what you need to do, is create feelings of already having and enjoying it. Transmit those feelings of “having” and allow the universe to do it’s magic.

One quick way to getting to that emotion of “having” is to ask yourself some smart questions. Here’s one: “How is the world different, now that I have x?” or “What looks different, now that I have x?” or “What sounds different?” or “How does it change my life to have x?” or…

You get the point…use questions that assume already having it, and elicit a description.

Hope that cleared up some confusing on “wanting” vs “having”. Get cracking…and have fun… :D
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Re: “Wanting” vs “Having”…

Post by real on Fri Nov 15, 2013 9:37 pm

This is a very good advise!
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