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Vision Boards Usage/Experience - Please Share!

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Vision Boards Usage/Experience - Please Share!

Post by RuiFerreira on Wed Apr 08, 2009 9:24 pm

Hi All! I'm making this thread because I'm curious as to what ways do you guys use your vision boards. What system do you use your vision board for? Digital, Paper? Wallboard? Wallpaper? What? :)

What do you put on the vision board? Do you use pictures? What kind? What qualities? You use text with it? Slides? What method and representation you use?

Also, what do you do when you visualize? Do you intensify your vision? You use NLP? Write it down? Write your goals? Listen with music? What method/ritual do you do?

Thank you for your replies!
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Re: Vision Boards Usage/Experience - Please Share!

Post by developing_success on Fri Apr 10, 2009 5:13 pm

Hi Rui, it's a late answer but better late than never :)
I don't use a vision board currently, i use AWC (Automatic Wallpaper Changer -use older free version, latest one is shareware). I have set it to 5 minutes, so each 5 minutes i see a different inspiring picture.
Balance have worked hard for a vision board, it's really good and hi quality:

I also have some inspirational music like the one in UPW (unleash the power within)

i have written my goals and life, but i need to visualize more

The best to you mate :D
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Re: Vision Boards Usage/Experience - Please Share!

Post by billionairekid18 on Fri Apr 17, 2009 3:53 pm

I haven't used a vision board effectively in my life. I can visualize my goals being accomplished. i haven't put that into a collective image to gaze at daily. I would really like to and when I have the time this weekend, I think I'm going to go through the post DS provided.
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Re: Vision Boards Usage/Experience - Please Share!

Post by billionairekid18 on Fri Apr 17, 2009 4:00 pm

My only ritual would be writing my goals down. I have a method to how I write them derived from NLP. I'm also an extremely focused person when I'm going after something I want. I am constantly thinking about how I can push myself further and that is another ritual I have. I like to continue pushing myself because it causes me to grow. It also produces positive results because I strive off of competition. I create that competition within myself to go for more, to go bigger, to be smarter, and to do more.

My drive to accomplish things in my life is the biggest motivator I have. It has taken some crafting so that my drive pulls me where I want to go. Now I'm enjoying the journey and still taking action. Again, I do want to stress that I have plans for creating a vision board.

Because I do not spend time visualizing everyday like it has been recommended in the book "think and grow rich" and many others, I would like to add a vision board to take care of the visual side of manifesting. I believe it would be very beneficial to see my desires everyday.
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Re: Vision Boards Usage/Experience - Please Share!

Post by Balance on Sat Apr 18, 2009 8:38 pm

So after I made the fancy Visionboard which developing success linked to, I guess I should drop a few lines about my experience. :wink:

Honestly - I am a bit disappointed. :lol:
After I sunk a lot of time into making one (like 20 days because I'm a hardcore perfectionist), the results were a bit meager.
It certainly wasn't a waste of time and has some effect - however it wasn't quite worth the effort I put into it. Another user also made a Visionboard that was somewhat "rough" and in comparison really fast to make - so you might wanna go for one of those instead of making it "perfect". Developing successes trick with the wallpaper-changer is also good and fast to put into practise.

However my Visionboard is really cool to look at and when I look at it, it clearly reminds me of my chosen purpose.
And if I take a bit of time to emerge myself in the pictures it clearly pulls my strings a bit.

But truth be told it isn't quite enough. It cannot replace the kind of motivation you experience if you really close your eyes and totally immerse yourself into your imagination - where you imagine to see, hear, touch and emotionally feel the results of your achieved goals. This kind of imaginary immersion takes some time however - while I normally use the Visionboard for a really quick and small boost during the day. (Like in walking past it and thinking: "Jesus f*ck I really need to get moving if I ever wanna drive that car and get abs like that guy. :lol: ")

Either way a Visionboard will probably have some effect on you.
So by all means - go for it! Just don't sink the kind of stupendous time and effort into it that I did. :P
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