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Ultra Rare Bugatti Veyron Seized By The Local Police.

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Ultra Rare Bugatti Veyron Seized By The Local Police.

Post by Dwayne Clarkson on Sat May 17, 2014 4:31 pm

A Bugatti Veyron worth 17 crore INR ( approx 5 million USD ) sized by local police from a business magnate last night. The man behind the wheels identified as Aamir Shaikh, is said to have a mind blowing car collection which he keeps away from limelight and from the media. The young car enthusiast takes his cars for spin when the busy streets of Mumbai are deep in their sleep, just like a wolf goes on a prowl at night.

Last night the local police seized a Bugatti Veyron, when the rich brat was out for spin along with his other super cars followed by his bodyguards. The police officials says the super car is not legal as the import duty and taxes are not paid, however the owner claims all the taxes and duties are paid and just few papers are missing which shall not cause him a lot of trouble.

Still its not yet confirmed what the exact scene is with the car and official papers. The owner says he shall not have any problem to release his car as he is not guilty.

Obviously there shouldn't be any problem for the car enthusiast as he has deep contacts behind the wall.
Dwayne Clarkson
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