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Trying To Work My Plan

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Re: Trying To Work My Plan

Post by Vision on Mon Apr 21, 2008 11:26 pm

jmad93 wrote:...Now I just need to work on bringing traffic to my site. Hopefully the web designer can help me with that, too..I've never totally understood how websites make money...

I just have to say I LOL at this post. I don't know what your great idea is, but I have a good feeling you're on the wrong path, and you'll probably lose a lot of money, not accomplishing much. I know from experience, I've started about a dozen websites myself (mainly for fun when I was younger, and it didn't cost me much). By far your hardest task will be finding people to visit your website, so if you haven't figured that out you're really wasting your time and money.
If you don't know how you're going to make money, I don't see why you decided to start the website in the first place.
My recommendation is you go do a lot of reading before you do something stupid.

If your website is content based (you're not selling anything) you can profit from ad revenue. To make anything of it, you'll have to get thousands of regular visitors, which will take years to acquire (unless you have a huge advertising budget).
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