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Toto, Hungary

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Toto, Hungary

Post by otamas on Fri Jun 12, 2009 3:18 pm

Hi Everyone!

I am Thomas (20).
I live with my family, next to Budapest and currently attendind BBS (finance & accountancy).

Why am I here?
I think it is great chance to sorround myself with positive thinking people ( my friends from the past and my relatives doesn't relate to this category - such a shame :\ ).

I had a turning point in the begining of 2008. One of my dudes invited me to the Hungarian pick-up community. I used to have a lot problems with girls :P. I would say now, this part of my life is kind of handled. Not rock star success, but I have a GF for more than 6 months now...

But I have many problems with the college. I can hardly pass my subjects or exams. Why? I am f*ckin" LAZY. I usually don't take action. Rather reading blogs, forums (even though many them are success, pick-up etc they are useless, because i do not implement what I have read...), listening to music or just doing nothing useful.
It is a vicious circle for me. I got bad marks, motivation GONE. Others can succed at the college without less effort, or with cheating... -.- --> Do you see the self-victimization here? :S
At primary school and secondary school i was the best student in my classes. Although I did not spend all of my days with learning, I did what was necessary. Without much effort I got perfect marks. Why? I think I have good skills, and my talent is above many of my mates.
And I still can not change my mentality according to learning at college. I simply ca not learn more than 3-4 hrs a day - even when 6-8 is needed...
And now my parents are angry.
I don't work (part time) because it disorientates me from school. Sp i dont have money.
I feel it is not the best way I'm heading to... :\

My goals: Being consistent in my professional life. Not making excuses. Avoid campaign hard-wrokings and after that rest for weeks (xD).

We will see...

Have a good day!

enjoy life ~
enjoy life ~
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Re: Toto, Hungary

Post by smilodon on Mon Jun 15, 2009 8:33 am

Hi mate, and welcome :)

One of the things that helped me with avoiding procrastination, is switching the word "must" with "want", "desire" or "wish".

You want to be consistent and not making excuses, to avoid campaign hard-workings ?

Then this is a bad structure of words, let me rephrase it for you: "I am consistent in my professional life, I do what is necessary. I do the work on time and to the best of my ability."

This is a positive self affirmation, compared to that half negative you gave your self :)

Our subconscious can not process negatives, so when you say "I do not want to make excuses", the message you are telling yourself is "I WANT to make excuses".

I hope this can be of some use to you.

Enjoy life :)
"I have not failed, i've only found 265 ways that don't work."

"When I put my finger into your eye, you will have a finger in an eye and I will have a finger in an eye but it won't be the same."
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