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Time consumers

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Re: Time consumers

Post by chocomack on Tue Sep 27, 2011 3:28 am

This is a few months late, though I think it ll be a good read to those that may have the same issue as Johnny kay.
I would download an app for your browser which limits the time you spend on the specific sites. For example, with Google Chrome there is an amazing app called stay focused.
Many, MANY people look on line on facebook or even on the streets, and just naturally compare with others, this is either conscious or unconscious. It may be about appearance, or with the number of friends you do or do not have. Typically the people that enjoy socializing or social networking are the people that compare and feel average or good, the people that get some anxiety are usually those that compare and feel inferior. This is all common sense, but it helps put things in perspective, sometimes its best to just think of yourself as "the man" to ease the anxiety.
Obviously, it would help if you sorted out the core issue. If you felt like the number of friends you have isnt enough, make it a goal to network, if you think you havent got enough hot chicks on your pictures, go out n get those pics. The point is that proactive approach will allow you to one day look at your facebook or whatever and feel good, not bad.
With relationships man, trust me bro dont sweat it.You NEVER know how things turn out, at one point i barely thought a girl would love me, the next year i have a stalker or two, and this is with a ton of people...Keep your head up baws :P the fact that your on a site like this makes you a fkn champ anyway.
Alot of what I said was common sense :) though think common sense is pretty uncommon at times :p
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Re: Time consumers

Post by Montana on Thu Jan 19, 2012 1:42 am


Some time ago, I've did a self analysis of my time wasters. To be more exact, why I did them.

Here are a few conclusions:

1. Window shopping:
-> It gives me a sense of importance. I feel like I could have them, giving it a relief from my temporary financial problems.

2. Forum posting (it is some stupid forum on which I've lost a few days of my life):
-> People appreciate me there, it helps me feel important.
-> I can use my mind.

3. Video games:
-> They offer instant gratification.
-> Offer chance to mastery.
-> They make me feel important.

Anyway, in most cases there was this pattern, it makes me feel important. So I've reached the conclusion that most of our obstacles / sources of procrastination is either self-doubt or because what we are doing now it makes us feel important in front of other people.

Based on this new piece of knowledge, you know what to do.
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