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This Strategy Will Make Your Friends Think You're Pshsycic

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This Strategy Will Make Your Friends Think You're Pshsycic

Post by personalityguy on Fri Oct 19, 2012 10:30 pm

There are many thing I can do, but there is one thing I can do well. That is within the first few minutes of meeting a person I can tell you what they enjoy, what they hate, and how to speak to them. It’s a skill that I’ve learned over time and have had loads of success in. I’m not nervous in interviews because I know from the first few minutes in the session what type of person they are. Having that knowledge is definitely a plus in the corporate world.

The best thing about what I know is I can teach it to you in a very short time. In as little as a day or two you can have the upper hand in any relationship. Sometimes, I’ll be talking about my book to total strangers and they’ll ask me to tell them little bit about themselves. I once had a lady thought I was a psychic, she was a little frightened at first but I assured her I was not. Just a few skills she needed to learn.

It’s amazing to me how much you can tell by meeting a person for the first time. You can do it too. I promise this is not a trick or a scam. It really works. Imagine being able to know what type of person you dealing with in business deal and knowing how to speak their language. Having this type of information can put you in front of all your competition.

Imagine the looks on people’s faces as you amaze them with your insight. People will start to wonder why you are the person to go too for everything. You will discover a formula that will make you the center of attention in an “UNSELFISH WAY” That formula is just one of the goodies that is in my book, and it’s not even the main part.

I must warning you that this deal is going fast and It won’t be long before its gone. I’m only giving this product out to the first 100 members. After that the price goes up to its regular price of $59. Don’t leave it to long, I may be sold out tomorrow.

I can honestly say that I know what I’m talking about. But don’t take my word for it. Here’s a customer who sent me this e-mail after going through the book.
“Dear Dave

When I first heard of your book, my initial thought was "Oh no! Not another one!" I have been is sales since 1980, and thought I had heard it all! This time however, I must confess, my thoughts could not have been more wrong!

Upon reading through it, I was struck, not only by the explanation you illustrated of the different character traits, but also the simplistic way you in which you penned each certainly made for easy reading....and easy understanding!

In many spheres of my own life, I have often wondered what made people behave in the way they do, speak the way they speak, and think the way they think. I have also,( particularly in my private capacity,) wondered why people do not respond or behave in a manner in which I had expected them to, regarding my own personality, opinions and imput in a given situation.

All I can say is this....I NOW KNOW!!!! Anyone reading your book, will be truly enlightened, not only regarding other people and their ways, but also about themselves! Purchasing your book,( which incidentally is indeed value for money,) is not an expense, but a life-Long investment! Not only is it well researched, but has something in it for every single person, man, woman or young adult, who reads it

Thank you for sharing this with us.

Sandi Shaw - SOUTH AFRICA”

I’m going be honest with you. This book is not a new idea it is in fact very old in concept dating over 100 years. What I’ve done is a huge amount of my own research. I’ve read nearly everything on the subject. The self-help books I’ve read by very successful authors. I’m not trying to take anything away from them. However many of the “gurus” on the subject leave out important information that don’t give the whole picture to you. Especially when you go to a website and fill in forms for them to evaluate what type of personality you are.

I’ve gone through personality theses test and the one thing they concentrate on is “your” personality. They often never explain how they get to their conclusions. You are left in the dark about how to figure it out for yourselves. That’s why I’ve written this to give you a rich database of knowledge on the subject.

I’ve also tried to make it as simple as possible and leave out all the drivel. You won’t have to go through endless amounts of pages getting lost in thought. The book is easy to read and concise. I’ve crammed loads of stuff in this.

Have you ever wondered why…

• people never trust you to do things

• why you get so distracted with your work

• someone is abrupt with you and they never seem to apologize.

These questions are some of the reasons people get angry. Anger is something most people don’t understand. If you want to know why. The book is just a click away. Visit the website below
I am crazy about figuring people out, I don't go a day without thinking about it.

I've written a book on personalities and its been a great experience. I recommend writing a book to anyone. Its a wonderful way to process your thoughts.

If you want to check it out take a look at my website
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