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the woods feel

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the woods feel

Post by huhu5 on Sun Nov 13, 2011 12:26 pm

"Death is final, the young master so that you do not ..."
"Shut up! Shut up shut up shut up ─ ─"
Helian Yaohua hair that canthus crack, grim look frightening, messy hair, the night that do not meet the eye, covered with red bloodshot eyes, he hissed growled, hoarse <a href=" "> wholesale handbags from china</a> voice thick Yin, protruding blue veins on the back of the hand, hands, cover your bladder doom room at no gain a slender grip show the shoulder, great strength, but will not lead to fiber sore shoulder masters trained, enjoin, she cried and said he would rather he hurting her! She reluctantly let him Minchun her frown! Willing to struggle against her in his arms ... ... and do not like her at the moment, to teach people to despair of silence and gentle, cold nestled in his chest, died.
"You, you want to restrain their grief Yeah ... ... ... ... little lady she has already gone ..." could not bear to see the master crazy, irrational, almost in Helian home Fengshi after 50 veterans <a href=" "> wholesale prada handbags </a> tube, high pressure is master Yinhen relentless stare of fear, tells the brutal truth is obvious.
"Get out! All get out! Word about who would be long-winded, I'll kill who! Roll ─ ─" like a wounded beast Yaohua Helian, who rushed to bite who will close the general madness, he will arms were pulled tightly child, embedded itself in the pit of the stomach, any person to take away her fear, refused to feel ironing there's cheeks had lost temperature and color, not a breath ─ ─
No one dare speak out of turn the last part, the attention of both sympathy and fear of falling back to Helian Yaohua, they know how this man loved his wife, Li Ying accompanied Enenaiai, four in the mansion can be seen from time to time, less Lady Liu favorite lake, with his thick fur Doukai, gently draped over her shoulders, gentle enough; specifically for the wife planted garden full of Bach Mai Qing Ning, Meiban fun with snow falling, the couple holding a paper umbrellas, walking the meantime ... ...
They sympathize with the lost loved ones in Helian Yaohua, more fear in Helian Yaohua of lost love. <a href=" "> coach handbags outlet </a> The rest do not imagine things have been his gentle and tolerant.
Helian Yaohua not a good class, he acted Yinhen ruthless, way above the government, excluding stop in front of get in the way things are always quick hard accurate and never relented, no mercy, who is against him, he who removed; who stand with him In the hostile party, he would pick who he has never been an honest caring good officer, placed in front of the money at your fingertips, Gogo finger, gold and silver jewelry have been scrambling to offer to open up trade routes, he bribes, collected peace of mind, his corruption, greed was unbridled, he such a person, and the bureaucratic response between the advance and retreat stunning, he was Guojiu Ye's henchman, secretly as Guojiu Ye purge dissidents, many shady business of the people, Guojiu Helian Yaohua all rely on God to dispose of, which is why the official way all the way Helian Yaohua well, even a corrupt, failed and thus lose power.
This Helian Yaohua, fondness for his beloved wife Jennifer white embroidery.
He loved her, regard her as fragile as fine porcelain doll Baotou, holding in the palm of the hand, make every effort to give her the best of all, only needs to change her smile, he can find time for her fine embroidery of the softest grade silk to tailor clothes; he could coax her to eat a few mouthfuls of food, consuming one hundred two thousand gold, and got a rare ingredients, and the appointment of dozens of chefs cooking all kinds of dishes, the eyes of outsiders have seen the bad officials, but also to have so delicate and considerate Shennong affection. However, white embroidered dead chi.
His love, died.
The only gentle and inclusive ... ... dead. The party lost its only remaining tenderness, Helian Yaohua what would become one?Not think people are scared to go <a href=" "> Cheap coach handbags </a>"Yee-embroidered ... ... ... ... chi up your embroidery, embroidered chi, chi embroidery, embroidered chi ..."
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