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The truth about money making

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Re: The truth about money making

Post by uGizmo on Fri May 29, 2009 3:04 pm

I've been absent for a while, educating myself. And I got some pretty new insights regarding 'how mind works'.
Let me start from beginning, as certified NLP practitioner, I've been working with a lot of successful business people. Lately I invested some more in my education and took business coaching seminar. There I learned one new 'eye opener', one new piece of puzzle, and it's called: "Problems are construction!".

Some of you may be wondering what da heck I'm talking about, others may consider it obvious. Problems are construction. It's ours construction, mind's construction. There is a world beyond any problem, no matter how big problem seemed to be. Our mind has two, let's call it 'folders'. One folder is called 'a way', and the other is called 'problem'. It's on us to decide how will we categorize our situations.

Let me get a bit more specific. Imagine, if you can, some situation when you had no money on your account and you had to buy something. From objective point of view, this is just a situation. Now, imagine yourself in bad mood when that happened. I'm sure you had plenty of situations where you were in a bad mood. What king of thoughts are running in your head? Do you consider this 'situation' to be a problem? Take a moment and try it.

Now, when you saw a that situation from 'bad mood' position, let's try a different approach.
Imagine a situation when you were in excellent, happy, satisfied mood. Ok, now when you're in that mood, again, take a look at situation where you had no money and had to buy something. How does it look NOW? Try it..

Looks different, doesn't it? :) Some of you may be motivated, others just indifferent about it. But it is rarely a 'problem'. :)

Anything can be a problem if we make a problem out of it. Bear in mind that the 'right way' is the easiest way. Too often we make a mistake of not listening our emotional compass because we consider it to be too easy, or that we don't deserve it, or that we don't have knowledge or or or....

Be gentle to yourself, take it a shot at least for a day. Take one day doing ONLY what you enjoy. Start from small things, start from the way you sit, the way you move, the way you talk. Use the way your guts tell you to be the right one, no matter how simple or awkward it seems to be......

And then spread that feeling through your whole life, including your job. :))
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