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The Most Common Attracting Financial Abundance Mistake

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The Most Common Attracting Financial Abundance Mistake

Post by era1213 on Mon Mar 25, 2013 3:33 am

With the current economic situation, a ton of people have been asking me to talk more on financial abundance. I thought I’d take a second to write a post on what I’ve found to be the most common mistake people are making.

To put it bluntly…they’re focusing on the means instead of the ends. What I mean is that they’re focusing on the idea of money itself and not what the money will do for them or what it will be used to do.

Money itself is simply an idea…an energy if you will. It has no meaning. It’s rather neutral and boring actually. What excites us about money is the freedom, luxuries or power it brings.

And as we all know…desire + belief = manifest anything. So, by focusing on the end goal of what the money will do, we’re tapping into a deeper desire.

Now this doesn’t mean that the “ends” has to be all positive or holy. It’s totally OK and good to simply use “I choose to be completely debt free”, if that works for you. Ideally, you want to choose an ends for which you have that delicate, magical balance of desire and belief.

Choosing a goal that’s too unbelievable will prove tough to manifest…no matter how much you desire it.

So I encourage you to review your financial goal. It’s OK if you’ve got a financial amount up for now, but challenge yourself to convert that to something more tangible…maybe debt free? maybe a new car? a new house? a holiday for the family?
And if you'd like the full, step-by-step, blueprint to manifesting your desires, take a look at my free video right here:
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