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The Life of Buddha (MOVIE)

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Re: The Life of Buddha (MOVIE)

Post by A-GAME on Sat Sep 05, 2009 10:45 am

billionairekid18 wrote:Wow, very inspiring. I am curious among Buddhists how they see birth playing a role in life. If enlightenment means to give up desire including s**, then how can humanity continue to live when there are no children?

Hi Billionairekid18. There will be no children when each soul has attained enlightenment because the cycle of re-birth will cease. Enlightenment is coming to the self realization that we are one, one with the universe, one with each other and one with god. When this realization occurs reincarnation ceases and the soul moves into nothingness. Pure peace, pure love, happiness beyond the finite minds ability to understand. There is no ''life'' after one reaches enlightenment, there is only for want of a better word ''nothing'' or ''consciousness''. Hope this helps...
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