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The KEY to happiness and fullfilement, YOUR JOB!

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The KEY to happiness and fullfilement, YOUR JOB!

Post by CodeVeroby on Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:36 pm

So I just got fired this morning from the telemarketing company I’ve been working for the last few weeks! I worked at a mediocre hourly rate while working my ass off. It was one of the hardest things ever to simply wake up to work because I lacked ANY motivation besides money (which was also not that good) to work.

I got fired because I was late, AGAIN, after not showing up for work the previous 2 days.

People cursed with inspiration probably relate with the feeling of having to do something you know deep down has literally has ZERO contribution in the long run to ANYTHING you value.

I would literally STRUGGLE to get up from bed, I could have slept for 8 hours, meditated before going to sleep, and simply have the best sleep ever, and I would STILL have problems waking up to work.. I kept wondering why this happens, and why I’m depressed and very unhappy when I wake up on work days, then I realized its my brain resisting going to work. Why? because I DIDN’T LIKE MY WHAT I DO.

Now at this point most people would think “Of course you’re not supposed to love your job! that’s why it’s called a JOB”, well, let me tell you, it’s good when your job is HARD and CHALLENGING, but only if you ACTUALLY love what you do!

When you take something that you would do for free (a passion of yours), and you put a price on it, that’s when the true magic happens.. because as humans, we are motivated to excrete the LEAST amount of effort to get what we want. But when you take something YOU’RE PASSIONATE ABOUT and earn money for it, you could be sure you would put as much effort as you possibly can and would feel extremely proud and happy after doing it (because it’s something you VALUE DOING).

This is because when you do something you are passionate about, you feel ALIVE when doing it, time just flies by, your brain is BEING ENGAGED, you enjoy constantly challenging yourself, you enjoy giving MORE then you originally intended to because you feel AMAZING while doing it and PROUD after doing it, basically you could say every person’s purpose is to find what they LOVE DOING and then their challenge is to find out how to earn money from it!

The reason I couldn’t keep my job and the reason I didn’t like it is because I’m not a person who likes authority and I have a lot of trouble with staying focused and working hard for something which has no value to me.

Now one COULD argue that working for a telecommunications company is considered giving value to the company, and that’s true, but THIS ISN’T about how much VALUE YOU GIVE, it’s about how much you VALUE WHAT YOU GIVE!

If you give a lot of value for something that you don’t like or don’t believe in (I WASN’T EVEN A CUSTOMER in the cellphone company I whose product I WAS SELLING) it’s natural that you won’t feel satisfied or happy because it is something YOU YOURSELF DON’T VALUE. This also means you would have to FORCE yourself to work because this job is not in alignment with your own values, where’s when working for something you LOVE AND BELIEVE it would actually BE HARDER to STOP, because you love what you’re doing and you love the way you feel so much it’s addicting!

What’s really weird to me is that people WANT self-esteem, people WANT to be confident, and people WANT to be happy! .. But how the f**k do you expect to have self-esteem, to be confident and to be happy, if you spend more than HALF YOUR DAY DOING SOMETHING YOU DON’T EVEN WANT TO DO!?

Do you understand this problem? this is the reason 95% of the people are lazy and unproductive, and live IN A FUCKING HAZE!

It’s because they are living up to just 5% of their true potential, because their fucking job, the activity in which they are MEANT TO GIVE VALUE, is geared towards giving value for something they don’t have any interest in.

It’s because they TRY TO ESCAPE REALITY when they work! That’s right, most people, when working, are ACTIVELY trying to activate their auto-pilot response so that the day would just (quote on quote) “go by”, why do you think people love taking breaks and vacations so much!? and furthermore – WHY DO YOU THINK PEOPLE WHO ARE SUCCESSFUL ALMOST NEVER TAKE BREAKS!?

This is the very reason 99% of the population is in a walking haze, you see them walking around in the street, almost as if they are on autopilot, that’s because they actually rewired their brains through HABIT, to stay on autopilot for more than half their day!

On the other hand let’s give a counter example to this:

Imagine your passion is playing the guitar (or any passion you already have), you play the guitar 5 hours a day, even on days when you’re tired. You’ll keep playing the guitar even if you’re stuck and haven’t made progress the last 3 months, you even DREAM about playing the guitar, all you can THINK about all day long is just finally playing the guitar and how you can improve!

Now imagine if some big CEO dressed in a business suit comes up to you and says:

“Hey dude, I saw you playing the guitar and I want to say your passion for it is AMAZING, it’s so amazing seeing how much passion you put into the guitar that it’s actually infecting ME with passion to do what I love! How about I PAY you to play the guitar for me, just like you love to, and I would pay you strictly based on how much soul you put into playing your guitar?”

Now how tempting is that?

How HAPPY would you be if this was your job? how HAPPY and ALIVE would you be when you walk in the street to work every day?

You get to play the guitar like you love to (or any other passion for that matter), AND you earn money for doing it, additionally, YOU WILL EARN MONEY based only on how much EFFORT you put and how much SOUL you put into your work, this also means that the better you get at playing the guitar, the more money you get EXPONENTIALLY! this also means that you are never on autopilot, you’re always engaged in what you’re doing and your brain is fully immersed in trying to give MORE, do MORE, and be BETTER!

For me my passion is coaching success with women, I don’t know why but it’s all that I can think about, my brain LITERALLY thinks about this 24/7, I even dream about it a lot of the time, that’s why It’s nearly impossible for me to keep any regular job for more than 2-3 weeks whether it would be a desk job or a physical job, I find myself trying to FORCE myself to work hard and improve, but the motivation well is DRY and I have no willpower to actually give a 110% instead of 50%, I find myself becoming sleepy and losing engagement with reality and the present moment, and drifting into autopilot and escapism.

Coaching on the other hand, makes me feel ALIVE, I GET TO ACTUALLY change a person’s life, I challenge both him AND myself to be the best we can be during those few hours, I decide my charge rates, I decide the amount of time I want to put into each session (usually a LOT more than I originally planned); To put it simply, I’m controlling my job instead of my job controlling me, also my job is something I LOVE and something I’m PASSIONATE about, meaning it not only has lasting value but also contribute to my SELF-ESTEEM and HAPPINESS (can you be any happier then when you do what you love to do AND earn money for it?).

The reason I’ve opened this site is actually the same too! I love writing powerful stuff, I love it when words just flow out from my mind and into the screen, and I love improving people’s lives, if I could give it for free AND get money for it, what could possibly be better?

The main reason I’m finally starting live coaching sessions in Israel is because there are 3 major companies in Israel teaching success with women but from my experience in meeting many people who took their courses and saw little to no difference for them (by the way courses usually cost between 1000$ and 2000$), so I’ve decided to commit coaching people myself (If you want something done, you gotta do it yourself!), the reason for me taking control in this area is because I’m the only coacher I’ve met that actually focuses on RESULTS and INTERNAL CHANGES, I also like cutting STRAIGHT TO THE PROBLEM, instead of “working on it” for weeks at a time, also I would basically DO THIS FOR FREE if there was no money to be made so why the f**k not?

On a related note, people have many limiting beliefs and barriers stopping them from going after what they want, after I announced to my best friend I am pursuing this as a MAIN INCOME source, he said it’s dangerous and lacks stability, and that it’s “NOT SMART” to go after what you want at such an early age (19); But the way I see it, it’s actually a bad idea NOT to go after this, because regardless of the fact that it would be very hard, it would be even harder NOT to go after what I love, because this would force me to work at a job THAT I DON’T EVEN LIKE!

I also have another reason for taking an interest in coaching professionally, the reason being that this is a very competitive market, and if I commit to coaching (my passion) professionally and I slack around and forget to practice every day and REALLY challenge myself to step-up every day, I would basically fade away so fast my job would be CRUSHED. (“If you wait by the river long enough, the bodies of your enemies will float by.”)
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Re: The KEY to happiness and fullfilement, YOUR JOB!

Post by CodeVeroby on Mon Jan 21, 2013 2:47 pm

Look, GOD or WHATEVER FORCE you believe exists had put you on this planet with a unique personality and a unique passion, you could call it evolution and you could call it higher-power, but regardless you have a PURPOSE and a PATH, and it is your DUTY TO RESPECT whatever gave you this gift and make use of it, and whether you choose to take it or not is your choice, but know this:

Any time you go against your true calling and values (like a gay person refusing to come out of the closet) you will SUFFER, this is because there will constantly be friction and a misalignment between your values and your life, and in order to keep being happy you would have to rationalize and rationalize to stay contempt (not happy, contempt), but resistance would always be there and in the back of your head and deep in your heart you would KNOW you are not happy and that you’re wasting your life, one minute at a time (thanks Tyler Durden).

With all of this talking about how coaching is my greatest passion, you probably ask yourself why it took me a whole year and a half to finally decide to commit to it since I first fell in love with it, well in my opinion there are 2 reasons:

- Procrastination: Because this is my biggest passion, I want to ALWAYS be the best I could be, and I always strive for more, this causes a lack of confidence because whenever I wanted to start coaching professionally I would always procrastinate with the rationalization that “I need to keep improving and only after a certain level would I allow myself to coach”, but it’s NEVER ENOUGH. The thing is, the reason I keep pushing myself to become better and better and pickup and coaching, is the EXACT same reason why I love it so much, it’s something I am SO PASSIONATE about, I want to keep getting better and better because I know that every year or so my skills and understandings are 3 times better, that’s why I kept procrastinating.

- Full Commitment ONLY: The second reason I haven’t started coaching up until now is because actually starting to coach means going out against my parent’s expectations, against society’s expectations, and basically going ALL OUT for something that lacks perceived financial SECURITY, although I would argue that a regular job is MUCH less secure (you could just get fired) and in my case, I can’t even MANAGE to stay in a job for more than a couple of weeks. That’s why losing my job is literally the BEST thing that happened to me this month, it’s the final extra PUSH I needed to actually do what I WANT TO DO, and it also “burned my boats”, meaning I NEED MONEY, and I know I can’t go back to a regular job because I am literally unable to maintain a normal job!

Many people would be really sad if they got fired, or if anything bad happened in their lives for that matter, but what I like to do is constantly question how this event relates to my life on the BIGGER PICTURE, this means I always consciously or unconsciously ask myself questions “What can I learn from this experience?” and “How can this experience affect my life positively?”, this means that every event in your life could be viewed as both a positive and a negative and as Shakespeare said “Thinking makes it so”.

This means that me viewing losing my job/getting fired as a POSITIVE thing in my life, would result in me seeing only AN UPSIDE to this even, and seeing only BENEFITS and new PATHS I can harvest from this experience.

Thanks to this event I basically have a lot of fire under my ass to earn money and I know myself and who I am just a bit better, this event might have just steered my life towards becoming rich and happier; On the other hand it’s not so far to say that staying in the job would steer me more toward mediocrity, because it basically reinforces doing something I don’t like while earning average income and staying on autopilot all day long.

I’m officially starting to coach this week, I’m currently getting clients lined up (there are already a few who asked for me to coach them for money) and I’m also getting many referrals from a good friend of mine who is an NLP therapist and treats many people DAILY.

Anyways I enjoyed writing this post, hope you took something from it, comment, wish me luck.
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