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The Best Audio/Book for Rock Solid Inner game?

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The Best Audio/Book for Rock Solid Inner game?

Post by KING_Darko on Fri Jan 16, 2009 3:34 am

Hey guys,

I've been going inside myself a lot lately, and I'm wondering what people find is the best product out the for totally unstopoppable inner game. I've checked out some Carlos Xuma, some David DeAngelo and Dr. Paul's MindOS, but I'm wondering if there's anything else out there that anyone has had really good experience with. I'm talking about a real identity change.

I'm about halfway through RSD's The Blueprint, and I find that although Tyler is spot-on about everything he talks about, these are things I already KNOW, but I just don't possess the confidence to carry them out. The same thing with David DeAngelo's On Being a Man program, I don't feel as though I actually learned anything from it, it's just that I lack the actual confidence to follow through with what he talks about.

What are your thoughts

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Re: The Best Audio/Book for Rock Solid Inner game?

Post by viktorados on Fri Jan 16, 2009 5:36 pm

Products can only show you the path, but you'll be the one who will have to walk on it.
You already have all the confidence and a strong identity that you need. It is already inside you. What you need now is to observe yourself and let it out into the real world. :)
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Re: The Best Audio/Book for Rock Solid Inner game?

Post by maxdog on Fri Jan 16, 2009 9:39 pm

you have to really apply it, thats the good and the bad news you need to get some leverage for
actually applying it. Maybe you can improve your game with friends who push you to new things, so you can get more confident.
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Re: The Best Audio/Book for Rock Solid Inner game?

Post by vipelite on Sat Jan 17, 2009 1:31 pm

As Victorados has pointed out, various personal transformational products can only show you the path, it'll be up to you to walk through it.

In my experience, it is our self-imposed limitations which hold us from attaining our true potential, not the lack of knowledge thereof.

And even in the event of some lack of information, gaining it would only be the tip of the iceberg in solving our problems.

The answer would be to attain courage, acceptance and peace with yourself. In my experience, releasing would be the key.

I've really found the Sedona Method to provide some overly simplistic yet very very powrful means of letting go (releasing) and getting to find your core self which is all knowingness and all presence.
Throw your heart over the bar and your body will follow.
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Re: The Best Audio/Book for Rock Solid Inner game?

Post by RedDragon on Sat Jan 17, 2009 6:39 pm

Agree with all of the above three posters, it is something that you already have and imo to chase all of these different gurus and methods for developing 'Rock Solid Inner Game' is almost counter-productive.

You might try something like EFT and think 'that is great, im now fixed' but someone may give you a knock and you will be convinced that your inner game is flawed, or perhaps someone will knock the method you have used whether EFT, NLP, Philosophy, CBT etc etc and you will convince yourself that what you did was of no use. I used to be into all of the RSD and DavidDeAngelo products but most of it is obvious (even the things that are supposed to be counter-intuitive seemed obvious to me) and if it doesn't improve you then I would say try something else.

The problem I have with the above comments is that they tell you what you need to develop like courage and acceptance, but Im guessing that the problem is you are unable to accept yourself or feel courageous in the situations which might help you. In other words you probably already have the diagnosis but no cure.

My advice would be two things: 1. Put yourself in situations you would be uncomfortable in and then you will grow as a result, even if you don't feel you are at the time and even if at the time it is embarassing to you, you will at least know that you can survive through new challenges.


2. Imo to become courageous watch/read things about courage and/or use affirmations or mind movies. Regardless of what some people say I think that what you watch or read or listen to has an affect on your beliefs and personality, it can be a large or small impact but it is an impact. I know a lot of gamers for example have dreams where they are in the game or they visualise crosshairs in real-life, or people who watch Rocky feel ready to take on the world.

I think it's Brian Tracy who said something like 'People say the problem with motivation is that doesn't last, neither do baths, that is why we take them daily' So I would say choose a method to condition yourself on a daily basis into a positive mindset, for me it was affirmations or mind movies (mind movies seem better because they make you emotional). If you have read The Power of Your Subconscious Mind or The Master Key then regardless what reason you place on it (some say its God or the Law of Attraction, I believe it is the subconscious being conditioned and heightened emotional events make a greater impression on the subconscious) you will start to affect yourself and your beliefs and as a result your personality within a short period of time. The fatal flaw i have made several times is that I would do this for 6 weeks and my life would be insane in how many good things were happening to me and....I would stop, and after having moved two steps forward, slowly my life would drift back one step back. So keep doing it when it works for you.

So, for me it was affirmations or watching a mind movie that I had created just before going to sleep and just after waking up and within about 3 weeks each time I did it I noticed massive changes in confidence (although Im pretty confident and outgoing now because of past experiences-see number 1)

If you are into the whole PUA scene then you might like Chapter 4 of Sin's book Instant Sexual Attraction, which is about this topic and how to improve your mindset. Alternately, read 5 biographies (autobiographies preferably) of people you admire and you will see that someone influenced their mindset into using affirmations or positive self-talk like Muhammad Ali who would shout 'Im the Greatest' when he was in the gym as an 8 year old, or Bruce Lee whose affirmations you can get in his Jeet Kune Do book, or Gene Simmons' Kiss and Make-Up audio book, or Richard Branson's Screw it let's do it. Every biography I have read I have seen something similar described, and it would make more sense on a logical basis for the extremely confident and extremely succesful to have used affirmations or self-talk rather than having used Sedona or EFT or NLP or Hypnosis. Arnold Schwarzenegger's 'The Education of a Bodybuilder' is probably one of the best examples.

Long answer, hope it helps.
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