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The Best Audio/Book for Rock Solid Inner game?

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Re: The Best Audio/Book for Rock Solid Inner game?

Post by KING_Darko on Fri Jan 30, 2009 1:46 am

Wow, I love you RedDragon. To the above posters, I agree- tapes can only show me the way... But I still don't know what to DO to be able to get the kind of results socially that I desire. I've been using the Sedona Method and its helped a bit but I still can't talk to the girls I want to talk to. I actually discovered that I have The Power of Your Subconscious Mind in my library in my room, which I didn't know. So I'll definitely definitely definitely look into that.

Watching courageous/inspiring movies is a great idea that I didn't think of. That's awesome!

Your post really helped a lot! Thanks!
My Calling in life is to wake up every day surrounded with so much love for myself, my life and others that the extreme levels of abundance I experience in all aread of my life are a direct and natural reflection of my own inner wholeness.
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Re: The Best Audio/Book for Rock Solid Inner game?

Post by billionairekid18 on Tue Mar 03, 2009 11:17 pm

Hmmm, I really like RedDragon's post. He definitely dives into what you need to do to make change. I think affirmations are probably the strongest thing you can do to change yourself. I have been struggling using them for myself. I'm someone who has weak self control, so sticking to using affirmations all the time is something I'm working on.

I would like to add that I think NLP is one of the strongest things you can do to create lasting change next to affirmations. Most of what I've learned that has positively shaped my life has come from Tony Robbins who is an advocate of both affirmations and NLP. Both have helped me altough I'm sure I would be much better if I dedicated myself to using affirmations consistently. I'm a quiet person who is working on breaking out of my shell. I would advocate putting yourself in as many awkward situations as you can. That's another powerful thing I didn't learn from anyone, I just did. When reading about NLP, it states you learn a lot when your confused. You don't know how to act so you must forge a new response to the situation.

For me, social situations have always been a problem, so I've been putting myself in situations where I have to talk to people and I've seen some pretty good progress. I still have a lot to learn and develop but I'm getting better. I even took the opportunity to publicly speak. Now that was fun.

Overall I believe anything you can do that is outside your comfort zone will help you grow. The more you grow, the more you can adapt, and the more you can adapt, the better off you are in life.
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