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Post by Success on Wed Nov 30, 2011 6:18 pm

Hi, I am posting in response to give a positive look at The Law of Attraction. I found this forum by a topic
The Law of Attraction is a Big Fraud - Watch out!
I was feeling I must respond to this and bring to light of many who think like this and tell the real truth.
In post response to the Topic

The Law of Attraction is a Big Fraud - Watch out!
Success wrote:Are You the scam?, to post negative topic about the Law of Attraction. Trying to get attention the wrong way using disinfo? Why don't you learn about it by reading a couple of books about it. I will educate you.

The Law of Attraction is real period. You attract what you are thinking or saying. If you think its not working its because you need to train your way of thinking. Most are focusing on what they don't want rather than what they want. Thinking and speaking of the negative instead of the positive outcome. We react on our negative emotions instead of controlling our emotions and respond with positive thinking, talking and action. The key is repetition of positive talking reading and thinking to change the inner mind to guide us to the positive actions and decisions in our life. Write down what you want, your goals, and read th......em many times daily and you will make them happen.

The Law of Attraction is a main understanding Law to bring the right way of what you want in your life, But you need to know its just 1 Law. Just as there are the 10 commandments (biblical) to govern a good life. If you follow just 1 will your life be right? No. You must follow all of the Laws to make a right thinking and good life. Following laws are easy to do like everything in your life. Things are also easy not to do. Its when you don't do them that life becomes hard.

The 10 Laws of Attraction.
LAW OF THINKING - think right, positive. are we controlled by our emotions? -or are we controlling our emotions. Work on your positive emotions. good feelings to put you on the right track.
LAW OF SUPPLY - supply is unlimited. No competition, there is plenty for everyone.
LAW OF RECEIVING - you must give before you receive, is a cycle. give without thinking of what you will get.
LAW OF INCREASE - praise every one every thing all places circumstances. you will praise your way to success.
LAW OF COMPENSATION - if there is a need for what you do, and your good at it, you will be hard to replace. you will get paid on degree of your performance, and ability to help others in teamwork.
LAW OF NON- RESISTANCE - dont resist - the resistance, don't fight back, let it go by, go around, agree and win, resistance from others means your advancing.
LAW OF FORGIVENESS - forgive yourself first, let go of guilt. As you forgive you will be also forgiven,(it does NOT-mean-always give another chance.
LAW OF SACRIFICE - discipline yourself, train yourself to be the best at what you do, a better you, your goal. (sacrifice a bad habit for a good habit, something is always sacrificed for something else)
LAW OF OBEDIENCE - be obedient to the laws or suffer from not following the laws.
LAW OF SUCCESS - success is already yours, do what must be done and take action to get it. (walk it, talk it, as if what you want is already yours)

Try these main books.
Working With The Law - raymond holliwell 1964 ( where these 11 laws are).
The Science Of Getting Rich - wallace wattles 1910 ( the book that rhonda B.The Secret is based on).
The Law of Success - napoleon hill 1925 ( secrets of the richest men in the world ).
Think And Grow Rich - napoleon hill 1937 ( bob proctor read this and changed his paradigm to become rich ).
As A Man Thinketh - James Allen 1903
The Master Key System - charles f. haanel 1912 ( its said bill gates found this book before making history ).
The Secret of the Ages - Robert Collier 1925
The Miracle of Right Thought - Orison Swett Marden 1910 (the possibilities of greatness within yourself ).

There is still more, and a key to these things is check how you feel. If your feeling good, then your on the right track, the way to how you want things to become.
Enthusiasm - the feeling expanded that others will feel your energy and be inspired
Mentors - every great person looked up to another great person before them to guide them to greatness.
Its never ending the knowledge to do better, be better, ever growing in wisdom.
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