Productivity Tools: Kindle Fire. Review

2:17 pm in Online Business by Artem-Iashin

Few month ago I’ve bought Kindle Fire in order to increase my productivity. I can say that Kindle Fire very good at it.

My first impression when I’ve launched it – was WOW! Awesome design, apps, high speed and ONLY for 199 USD. Sometimes level of today’s technology knocks out me.

After my first acquaintance I began to work on it.

I’ve found first minus: Fire is strongly bounded to Amazon appstore. And many programs are absent there :( (

But you can simply solve this problems and install Google Market with all apps that you need (just google this problem and you’ll find the answer).

After this I’ve installed my work and productivity apps:

1. gReader


gReader is Google Reader client for Android. You can read all useful information from different blogs in one place. Very useful.

It allows me to keep my finger on all news in different areas –  e-commerce, business, self-improvement, health, tech news, internet marketing etc.

Also you can share immediately interesting article on twitter, facebook, evernote or send it via email.


2. Plume

Another great app, that allows me to be aware of important news, articles and events.

Plume is a very beautiful, highly customizable Twitter client.

It has such features:

- Multiple twitter accounts

-  High level of customization (but I love standard theme)

- support for your tweets

-  Internal browser etc.

You will love it :)


3. Financisto

Financisto is a personal finance manager app. I spend about 3 minutes a day in order to control my money flow during the day. Must have app.

Usually I use it in transport, so this is not time expensive deal.

Also I want to mention Budgets tab, where you can control your monthly occurring expenses.

Financisto works with almost any currency in the world and have Cloud backup (Dropbox, Google Docs).




4.  Wunder List

To-Do List program.

From developers “Wunderkinder”.

Beautiful, simple design. Allows you to organize your tasks during the day.

Also has sync feature with your PC and Mac.

I like it very much) so useful…




5. Evernote

I think that everybody knows this program.

I use it for writing down my ideas, that come to me during the day. Or some memo, pics, contacts etc.

This is add on to my brain :)





6. E-books, video-seminars

I read business books, video trainings and other stuff in transport or cafe. So I don’t spend my working time on it.


Kindle Fire is not replacement of PC or Mac. It’s a tool, that will help you increase your productivity and make deals when you are not at office or home. With such low price ($199), I’m strongly recommend to use this device.

P.S. You can buy Kindle Fire on Amazon Shop

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