Great thoughts from the Great book about the Order. Part 1.

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“Listen to me Pentuer,” continued he, after a while. “I know not only the acts, but even the thoughts of that pharaoh of thine, who, moreover, has not been solemnly crowned yet, hence for us he is nothing. I know that he wants to make the priests his servants, and himself sole lord of Egypt.

“But such a plan is stupid, it is even treasonable. Not the pharaohs, as Thou knowest well, but the gods and the priests created Egypt. It is not the pharaohs who mark the rise and fall of the Nile and regulate its overflows; it is not the pharaohs who teach the people to sow, to gather fruits and rear cattle. It is not the pharaohs who cure diseases and watch over the safety of the state against foreign enemies.

“What would happen, tell me that, were our order to yield Egypt to the mercy of the pharaohs? The wisest pharaohs have behind them the experience of a few years at the longest, but the priestly order has investigated and taught during tens of thousands of years. The mightiest ruler has two eyes and two hands, while we possess thousands of eyes and thousands of hands in all provinces at home, and in all foreign countries.

“Can the activity of a pharaoh equal ours; and when opinions differ who should yield, we or the pharaoh?”

Quote from book The Pharaoh and the Priest by BolesÅ‚aw Prus. Amazing book…

This is the essence of such phenomenon as Team or Order. Very powerful information if you combine it with another thoughts from another great book.

See next post.

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