11:10 am in Self-Development by Artem-Iashin

Do you know the fundamental difference between enterpreneur and employee?

Specialists always have a chief, who says to them what to do. And besides, the specialist has a book in which he seeks, how to do this work.

The entrepreneur decides what to do himself, and no books are written, how to do this. More precisely, there are many books, but how to solve the problem, for example, doubling the sales in your niche, considering your circumstances and possibilities, you will not find.

But before we look for a solution that will increase sales by 50%, we need to tackle this task. And then proceed to its decision.

Once again. First you need to decide what to do, and then – how to do this.

This is a typical situation: you have decided  WHAT to do, and don’t know HOW to do this.

The usual thinking of novice, “I’ve decided to do this, but I can’t, because I do not have something, so this is impossible.”


Have you noticed the progress of thought?

In this thinking meant that there was only one way to do what you have outlined. Have you searched another ways?

For example, you have decided to go over 20 miles in a very good place. There are lot of mushrooms. But you haven’t your own car, therefore, you can’t go there.

This does not mean anything!

Perhaps there go buses, trains,taxi. You can ask your friend to transport you or even walk yourself 20 miles. Surely, having studied the situation, one can find more than 10 ways to get there.

Is the idea clear? That is, when you decide what to do, you need to generate 10-20 options, how to do this, and then choose the best. If these options do not suit any one, then you need to come up with new 10-20, or 50 options.

The main work of the entrepreneur is: decision-making.

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