Accumulation Of Results

4:01 pm in Self-Development by Artem-Iashin

Action, in contrast to the results, do not accumulate. Let’s take a closer look at this idea.

Can you differ the results from the action?

Meeting with the client – this is the action. Negotiation – action.

The signed agreement – the result. Money paid – the result.

As you already know, an entrepreneur trying to make a minimum of work (activities) and to get maximum results.

See your work from this point of view, without habits, is very difficult. For example, you have written great letter and spend on this all day. Then you have sent it to your mail list. Is this your good achievement? No.

This was the action. Now, if this letter will produce the desired effect (in ex. appear new clients), then this is the result, and it can stack with other results.

And action … and action, unfortunately, do not accumulate.

Breakthrough to the result – an outstanding event in the life of man!

Since then, as he begins to appreciate the results and ONLY stops tolerate actions, priorities change drastically. Anything that does not work, thrown away immediately.

The sequence of actions, when done 90 or 95%, and still have 10% or 5%, and there are unforeseen difficulties, no rushes, and further squeezed with the incredible effort of will.

A man who appreciates the results, but does not appreciate the actions paradoxically much more respect for his actions and does not leave the job. He brings the follow through, even if the surrounding believe that this is impossible.
Actions for a man – it’s an investment, not cost. And investment should give interest.
We can not allow that your actions are useless. How can we escape this?

The first way – is never to do anything.

The second way – ALWAYS finish the job.

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