16 Ways To Take More Action. Part 1

9:09 pm in Self-Development by Artem-Iashin

1. Harness The Online Monster

Set Online Time-Limits – set aside specific amount of time each day (30 min., 1 hour etc.) to read all  news, Facebook, Twitter, digg, and stick to it!

Keep Your Momentum Going – quit checking for new emails and Twitter updates every 10 minutes –                   otherwise, the monster wins.


2. Learn To Love Your Inbox

Reply Quickly – if you can reply in less than 2 minutes- do it!

Keep Replies Short - Lose the “small talk” and get to the point.

Delete Old Emails – If you haven’t responded to an email in a month, delete it.


3. Keep Your Foot On The Gas

Eliminate Distractions –  turn off phones and instant messengers when working. Close your door. Distractions kill momentum.


4. Power Through Life

Focus On One Thing At A Time – Nothing is more powerful than focused, purposeful energy!


5. Get Addicted To Results

Always Finish The Job – just doing is not enough! Result only matters.


6. Soak-in The Big Picture

Keep Your To-Do List Visible – looking at your list regularly will help you stay clear of what you need to do in your life. Clarity = Power!


7. Make The ‘Yes’ In Your Head Louder

Declutter Regularly – a confused mind says “No!” Clutter is a major roadblock to action. Regularly clean your desk, office, house, and car of junk and things you no longer need or use.


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