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Posted December 29, 2009 by Dead_Man

Hello there Welcome Back!

If you haven’t read the previous posts I suggest that you start from the beginning (oldest post) since the posts are interlinked.

So I believe you now understand the two paths and you also understand the contradictions offered by the two paths. Now in the next few posts I will describe the solutions.

Best selling author, success guru and peak performance coach Anthony Robbins talks about six basic needs which are :-
1.) Certinity
2.) Uncertainty
6.) Contribution

We will just limit ourselves with the discussion of the first two here :p

The contradiction presents itself again we want certainty and uncertainty. Imagine as you are reading this…. suddenly things in front of you (including you) start to shake (hint: earthquake) what would you do ?. You’d get freaked out. You would rush out of the room and not give a damn about reading this blog. what happened ? … you just lost your certainty that the room wouldn’t shake.

But! you also need variety in your life. You don’t want to know everything because then you’ll be bored. so we need certainty as well as uncertainty

Tony (Anthony Robbins) also says that “The more uncertainty you can comfortably live with the better is the quality of your life.”

Now let us think together

/O /O /O /O /O /O /O /O
l l l l l l l l
/ / / / / / / /

What exactly happens when we learn anything new ?
we are in an uncertain zone. So let’s say it’s your first interview and how do you feel……
Nervous…huh ?

“What a dumb question ?” you say again. Of course! that’s because it’s a new experience for you and you have never been in this situation before and this uncertainty causes you to get stressed and anxious. How can we live comfortably with this uncertainty ?

When we say uncertainty we actually mean the uncertainty of the external world since we are in control of ourselves (well not totally but this will do for now). Now read this and try to understand it.

If you have infinite certainty inside…. no matter how much uncertainty you have on the outside,
you will be able to comfortably live with it.

You are expressing yourself from two different points and the effect of certainty and uncertainty is on the two different points so they don’t cancel each other but they create the right balance for you.

I used to think that you have to know a lot to change a lot but that is wrong. You don’t need to know a lot. You just need to know a little bit, repeat that little bit in your mind until it gets fixed, logically remove all doubts that are present then repeat that little bit again until it becomes fixed in your mind and you can now turn your dreams into reality. You can live with abundance and happiness.

So how do we create infinite certainty inside us and what is this “little bit” that I am talking about. I’ll tell you in my next post, till then keep reading Smile

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