Why do many people give up? – Challenges of Self-Improvement

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Why do many people give up? – Challenges of Self-Improvement
Posted On 08/26/2008 08:44:37 by real

Self-help is self-paced and requires a great deal of discipline and a strong desire to achieve your own goals. For many people it is very hard and even painful to let go their past and their beliefs.

Imagine the process of self-growth as a flight of a space ship. The flight requires a steady supply of a huge amount of energy. The disruption of the supply will cause the space ship to fall back to earth. Gravity is a metaphor for habits and social conditioning, which are very powerful structures in your mind and will draw you back to old thought patterns if you abandon active self-improvement too early. But at some point you reach the orbit of zero gravity where no energy anymore is required to stay in the orbit.

Similarly, in process of active self-improvement you will eventually reach the level where you have internalized new thought patterns and come to believe and understand the strategies that lead to success in every area of your life. From here on, you do not need active self-improvement anymore and it is easy to grow further. Even if you manage to fall back to your old thought patterns from this level this would be a transitory experience you will appreciate as a remainder and admonition.

Invite people into your life who think in the same way, who will support you, who will kick your ass if necessary. Believe in yourself and know that you can achieve whatever you want! Hang on, pursuit your dreams!Keep moving, do your best!Never give up, never!

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