Using Handouts to make your presentation more memorable

3:37 pm in Self-Development by developing_success

The majority of people won’t take notes, no matter how interesting the presentation might be and they will definitely forget most of it after a few days.

Lending out handouts it’s a great way of letting people know what to expect, to have your contact information, to relate with you and so on…

Tips on making great handouts:

  1. Always add your contact information and name
  2. Include 1-2 relevant quotes
  3. Write each important idea and how will it help them
  4. Give if possible a step by step strategy they could apply immediately
  5. Arrange it like a magazine to make it more compelling
  6. No more than 1-2 pages, if it’s 2, write on the back
  7. Write some info about the event
  8. Invite them to give feedback and address open questions


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