The two paths

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Posted December 29, 2009 by Dead_Man

As you might know after reading the older posts (which I encourage you to do otherwise you won’t get anything here :p) that there is a contradiction between the spiritual way and the material way.

Let us for a moment look at both the ways in a bit of detail. why ? because there lies the answer.

The material way of living life means desiring material objects and attaining them. It involves adding comfort, luxury and achievements to your life. You achieve greater heights, improve the standard of your life and allow yourself to have infinite growth and happiness. Each goal, each desire gives you happiness and propels you towards another goal, another desire and this carries on all along your life. You improve yourself and discover the hidden genius inside you.


So… all this material progress carries on and then one day ….. YOU DIE! and in between you get stressed, frustrated, demotivated, depressed. Charles M schwab was one of the richest people of the world but died bankrupt. Elvis presley and Micheal Jackson were greatest artists out there but were not really happy inside.

Just as everything in this universe has dual nature … so do you

There is an outside part of you ( body) and the inside part of you (we will call it the “Inner being”).

If you are confused at this stage don’t worry, things will become clear and you will understand the answers in the subsequent posts.

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