The two paths continued

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Posted December 29, 2009 by Dead_Man

If you have not read the earlier posts I suggest you start from the beginning. For those of you who have followed …… lets continue.

Let’s say there is a person called “Ben”. Ben is married to “Becky”. They have a son “Andrew” and a servant “Ross”. Suddenly Ben dies!!

Becky is crying and inconsolable. Andrew is crying but he does not feel as much pain as Becky does. Ross is also sad. Ben’s neighbor George gets the news and he is neither happy nor sad. Another neighbor Rick is happy because he owed Ben 10,000$ and he is happy that he does not have to pay the money.

So the intensity of pain in decreasing order that people are feeling right now is
Becky :- Crying, Inconsolable
Andrew :- Crying
Ross :- Sad
George :- not happy, not sad
Rick :- Happy

Now imagine that Ben suddenly comes to life. Becky is delighted and overjoyed to have her husband back. Andrew stops crying and is Ecstatic. Ross is happy. George is again not happy, not sad. Rick though is miserable because he has to pay those 10,000$ to Ben.

So now let me ask you Is Ben the cause of happiness or sadness ?

The truth is when we attach happiness to existence of Ben then his non existence gives us pain and when we attach happiness to non existence of Ben then his existence gives us pain. This attachment is in our control and we can decide who we are going to attach ourselves with whether a person or an object.

Now imagine if we are non attached to everything in this world. Nothing can give us pain. This is the spiritual path and it says that desire is the cause of all misery.

Everything in this universe has a beginning and an end. A desire of attaining an object if fulfilled gives rise to the desire of preserving that object and when that ‘object’ ceases to exist we feel unhappy. Even the notion of annihilation of the object gives us stress, anxiety.

So if you desire to be rich and you get rich then you desire to continue being rich and any event that suggests the opposite will make you sad.

we love our parents, our wives, our children, our siblings but one day they will die and then we will feel the pain. But thousands of people who are fathers, brothers, mothers, wives and sisters are dying each day but we don’t feel sad for them. why ?

“What a dumb question!! ” you say. You don’t know them it doesn’t matter to you. In other words you are not attached to them so their birth or death or whatever does not cause pain.

I think the two paths should be clear to you now. The only question left then is “what am I supposed to do ?” “Shun my parent and run to a jungle”. Don’t worry we will sort it out

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