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Posted December 29, 2009 by Dead_Man

Let’s continue from where we left. How can we create infinite certainty inside ourselves ? and what is the “little bit” that you need to know ?. Actually the “little bit” is very important. You need to read it again and again. You need to think about it again and again then and only then will you truly understand it. Read attentively now.

Why did you come to this planet ?. You don’t remember somebody asking you “Would you like to go on planet earth ?”. No one asks you “It’s been a long time. Are you bored ?. Would you like to die now ?”. No one asks you “Where would you like to be born ?”. you don’t have the freedom to choose your parents. You don’t know from where you have come and you don’t know where you will go after you die. It seems like whatever is behind this creation is trying to make fun of us.

So, confused!. When you are born, you cannot do anything on your own. You cannot find food but food has already been prepared for you in your mother’s breasts. You cannot remain forever healthy but still you can cure yourself using medicines and herbs. Vedic scriptures (from here on we will just use the word scriptures) says that this world is misery. Whatever happiness we get in here is nothing but illusion. The problems are there to show us that this world is misery. The solutions tell us that god is indeed kind. Animals eat animals where is the happiness. I am not giving any opinion. I am just presenting before you the spiritual side and telling you the reality.

What is reality ?. what is real?. The scriptures say, “that which is never born and that which never dies is the real”. This is why the scriptures call this world as illusion. for e.g your body may change but “you” remain the same.

Reality is always relative. There is always perceived reality. You perceive something to be true and of course you find it to be true. If you perceive the world as misery, of course it will become just that. If you perceive it as a blessing, of course it will become just that. You might be confused now why I wrote that “”you” remain the same”. This is actually the reality that I want you to understand. That you are eternal.

Imagine a place where there is no time, no concept of time. Can anything begin there ?. Can anything end there ?. Beginning and end are a function of time. If there is no time then there is no beginning and no end. Nothing can start at that place and nothing can end. We come from such a place. We don’t have a beginning and we don’t have an end. Hence scriptures call us eternal. You may say that we die ? then how can we be eternal. First, time is only present for us till we are conscious. When you wake up from deep sleep. You are not conscious of the whole 7 hours, 8 hours that you slept. If for e.g You are not allowed to see the time when you go to bed and you are not allowed to see the time when you wake up. You would not be able to tell how much time you have slept. Time is present only if we are aware of it. The moment you let go of your consciousness time also disappears. Secondly, you can either believe in reincarnation (rebirth) or you cannot. Let us take both the paths.

In case you believe in rebirths then you probably have enough spiritual background to understand that even though your body dies. You don’t. Scriptures say that just as you shed old clothes to take up new one, Similarly the inner being sheds the outer body to take up a new body. Hence we cannot practically die. Our bodies may die but we certainly don’t. If we exist today then that means we were existing in the past and thus we will continue to exist in the future.

If you do not believe in rebirth then you don’t know from where you have come and you don’t know where you will go. You were not existing earlier, now you exist, in future you won’t. What is there to be afraid of. You came from nothingness and you will return to nothingness. You will surely exist, you may not manifest Once you really understand this truth there is nothing in this life that can intimidate you. People come, people go and so will you.

The uncertainty in life that you see, ideally you should not be fearful of it. The fear arises out of illusion that you may loose something. Once you understand and realize that there is nothing to be afraid of in life then you will have infinite certainty inside you. That no matter what may happen outside, what may be the external circumstances, you are eternal inside. Once you realize this and understand this, You will be able to live with the uncertainty. Not only live with it but enjoy it too.

When you understand this reality, this little bit, suddenly things that were urgent do not seem to be urgent. Situations that you thought were controlling you, suddenly they surrender because with the realization of this truth. You suddenly rise from a mere mortal, weakling to an infinite, eternal giant and no situation no matter how difficult can stand in front of this giant. The worldly situations are worldly. The worldly situations are bound by time. How can they overcome that which is beyond time. This truth once understood will change your life.

Once you understand this truth of life “that everything that comes here will perish one day”, you suddenly realize that you don’t have to be sad. Since everything will perish one day then you have just limited time to spend in this birth. Now you have three options one is you can choose not get attached to your parent, to your wife, to you friends, to your children, just do your duty and you will never experience the pain. The second is you can choose to love your parents, love your wife, love your friends, love your children and then cry when they die and the final option is you can choose to love your parent, love your wife, love your friends, love your children and then still be happy, grateful to this creation for allowing you to spend so much time with so many people whom you love and even though they die, you understand that they were given to you. They were not yours. You were allowed to enjoy their company all this while and by law everyone has to die and so they did. Which is the right option ?. You have to decide yourself. Nothing is right, Nothing is wrong and if you really understand the reality, you will automatically choose wisely and you will have infinite certainty inside you by knowing this little.

“Fine!” you say, but what is the purpose of this life ?. Let’s keep that waiting for the next time.

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