The road less travelled

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The road less travelled
Posted On 08/11/2008 08:27:58 by sky

So, This is my first blog entry.

I really wanted a feature like this so that I could systematically keep a tab of all my Personal Development related activitites. This will not only help me be more methodical but also it would enable me me to gauge how far I have progresed along the Path of Self Development. And there is nothng like looking back at marvelling at the long trail of (semi) accomplishments on your journey.

So for all those folks out there who are serious about self development here is my advice – “keep tracking all your PD activities using this awesome feature”. Only a few things could possibly accelerate your progress (in whatever field) faster than (e)journaling it ( just Ask Jim Rohn!! )

OK, So enough of advising!

I will get right down to reporting my recent progress. In the past 7 days I have been working on myself quite intensely. These are some of the things I have done ( copied staright from my untidy paper journal)

- Listened to the audiobook – ” The power of words” by Hal Urban

- Read the (smallish) ebook on Autosuggestion by Emile Coue ( remember – day by day in every way I keep getting better and better!)

- Watched ” You can Heal Your Life” movie by Louise Hay

- Also Watched the Video – ” The Science of Miracles” by Gregg Braden

- Currently reading ” The Goal” by Elihayu M. Goldratt ( page 272 )

So I will give my ratings to the above individaullay in one of my later blogs. But this right here seems to have been one heck of a start.

Do keep checking this space regularly for more updates as I traverse the Road less travelled

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