The puzzle of life

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Posted December 29, 2009 by Dead_Man

If you are reading this blog, I believe you are interested in knowing what you are supposed to do with your life. Why are you here and what is this place all about.

At the outer layer all of us are different but deep down inside we have something common. Something that never changes and I am going to tell you about that something. It is not a secret but for some of you it maybe life changing.

A few years ago I was totally depressed, frustrated and my life was chaotic. The reason was I wanted to be successful but I didn’t know how to then one day I read a book and …….!! well nothing much happened but the book followed with another one and another one and soon I had read a lot of books on success, spirituality, finance and how we can create the life we desire.

So as a result of reading all those books I became …….. CONFUSED!!! …. It was like I had all the pieces using which I could solve the puzzle of life but I didn’t know how to arrange them and so I was frustrated. Somewhere inside my mind I was trying to create an order and create a balance of the outside world with the inside world.

There are basically two ways of living life one is to live spiritually with no desires and no ambitions and this way can give you peace, tranquility of the mind and calmness. The other way is to continually create desires achieve them and start the journey of infinite growth. There is just one big problem here. Both the ways are contradicting (that’s what I thought :p) and so there was this frustration until one day something amazing happened. I suddenly grabbed my journal and started writing like crazy and when I stopped and looked at it. The answers were in front of me but before I tell you the answers let me explain the problems…. erm… not here… in the next blog … see you soon :p

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