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Let me review what we have covered so far…
1.) That there are contradictions all around this universe, especially between the spiritual and the material path and thus we cannot be happy.
2.) The contradictions can be solved if you realize the truth.

Let me repeat the truth once again. You are eternal, you are beyond time, you are an immortal. A body has been given to you and it will taken back from you but you will still exist, similarly everything that has been given to you in this world may be taken back from you anytime. This is a fact, everything around you will perish one day no matter how much you try to protect it. It doesn’t matter if you like this truth or don’t. The sooner you understand it, the sooner the pain will cease to exist.

Even though you are not in control of this existence but the fact is you now have this life and you can choose to live it the way you want. Spirituality takes note of this truth and says since everything will perish one day and attaching yourself with everything material will give you pain, hence the scriptures advise that since you still have to live this life, you should live unattached to everything and you should focus your mind on god.

The idea of god is different in different cultures but there is one underlying commonality, that god is all powerful, omnipotent, omnipresent. Scriptures say that god is beyond the mind and we cannot understand god using our mind. So the scriptures say since god is beyond mind. Let us create an image of god. The image is not god but the image helps you to concentrate your mind on god. The image is the means, it’s not the end. Unfortunately no matter how hard I try I cannot put god (from here on called “source”) into words.

Things can become a bit difficult to understand from here on, so go slowly and ask any questions if you have.

In order to understand the true purpose of life. We need to understand three things, The inner being, The source and The material world. The basic question in the scriptures is what is real (that which cannot be created or destroyed without beginning or end is called real). The answer is

1. There are not three entities. The source is all that there is. There is no inner being and no material world, only source. The source which can neither be created nor destroyed, which does not have a beginning or an end is the real truth (sounds similar to energy :p). We see that source everywhere around us in different forms. All that we can see, sense, understand is the source. We ourselves are the source.

Everything whether living or non living is a manifestation of that source in different forms. Different forms have different nature and the source, when it takes a particular form follows the nature of that form. Now you might question, from where does this nature come, if all that there exists is the source then from where does this nature come. The answer is that the source has infinite nature. When it creates a form, a part of that infinite nature manifests itself and produces a form with a particular nature. for e.g. when the source manifests itself as fire, the nature of fire is to burn so only that nature is manifested and the qualities of water even though they are also present in the source are not manifested. Similarly when the source manifests itself as water, the qualities of fire are not manifested. Hence the scriptures say that the source is beyond the contradictions, beyond the dual nature of this material world. The contradictions that we see are nothing but different manifestations of the same source.

But, is it possible that a form may change it’s nature. You might say that since the source has infinite qualities, is it possible that the source, when it manifests as fire can produce qualities of water. The answer is no. Each form has it’s associated quality, both are combined. If two contradictory qualities are put into one form, confusion may arise. for e.g if fire starts to exhibit the qualities of water, sometimes it may burn you and sometimes you may get wet (would be funny). what I want to tell you is that you are also a manifestation of that source. The scriptures say we are nothing but the manifestation of that source and here is the point. Because of this manifestation, even though we are all nothing but the source but differences arise when we compare the manifestation with that which is manifested. This, you should be able to understand, for e.g. A lump of clay, even though it is the source of toys made of clay but still there is difference between clay lump and the toy. Even though the inner being is nothing but the source but still the moment the source manifests itself as the inner being, differences arise.

Hence the scriptures say one gave rise to many. The one was the source and many are the manifestations. This is the end of the little bit that you need to know. This little bit is the real knowledge which must precede before we start to learn any sort of transient knowledge. Those who understand this little bit will understand life and all it’s contradictions. They will be filled with gratitude and they shall never complain Smile.

Now comes the purpose. What do we want. I’ll make it short. we want pleasure and we don’t want pain. Scriptures agree by saying “That source is bliss”. “There is nothing but bliss below him, above him, to his east, to his west, to his north, to his south, outside him and inside him”. “Know that Bliss as source; for bliss, indeed, all these beings originate; having been born, they are sustained by bliss; they move ultimately towards and merge in Bliss”. The name of this blog “Anandam Brahma” means “source is bliss” (just in case you were curious) :p.

The source is bliss, but we only experience bliss through change for e.g. let’s say you like eating pizza and sweets. So for ten days you get to eat the same pizza every two hours. After ten days or maybe in between, you realize that now, you don’t like eating pizza. Now say, on the eleventh day I give you something different to eat, something different like sweets. you like it, you enjoy it. For the next ten days after every two hours all you get to eat is something sweet, suddenly you realize that you don’t like sweet things anymore and then on the next day, you get to eat pizza. ahh you again like this pizza. Happiness can only be experienced through change. Pain is experienced through both change and by being constant. what does that mean ?. let’s say you are an asistant manager. If you remain assistant manager all your life, you will feel the pain and say “All my life I have been an assistant manager, I want a promotion”. why do you want a promotion, because you want to grow and this need for growth manifests itself as the need for promotion but let’s say instead of getting promoted, you are demoted OMGZ!!, you again feel the pain.

In this life, you can either grow (move upwards), you can remain where you are or you can shrink (move downwards). We will only be happy when we grow. If we are not growing then we will always be in pain. If you live life this way (growing and remembering the little bit) you will get the calmness of spirituality, pleasure of the material world but you will not be affected by the pain of this material world. so it’s win win!!.

You will make goals, you will achieve them but you will also remember the little bit. You will accumulate wealth, enjoy material riches but you will also remember the little bit. still confused!!. lemme show you another example.

Let’s say you have a goal of achieving financial independence by the age of 55. If you live life understanding the little bit then, You would work very hard to achieve that goal but you would also remember that you will die one day, and that day might come before you turn 50. Life has been given, we are now to live it, even though we know life will be taken away, we can either feel sad, whine and cry that we will not have eternal life, that one day we will die, our parents, the people around us, the things around us will be destroyed *cry* *cry* or we can utilize the time remaining, live life in such a way that allows us to make this creation more beautiful, more useful for other people and ourselves and say good bye with a smile when the time comes.

That was a bit emo, nevermind…. this is the end of the philosophical part and now comes the real thing. How can you make this creation more useful and more beautiful for other people. This creation is a gift to you, not only from god but from all the people who have worked their lives to make your life more comfortable, more luxurious, more beautiful. Imagine if there was no internet, no electricity, no vehicles, no phones, no TV (yay!), no science. Imagine how your life would be. All these discoveries are gifts to you from other people. what are you going to give to this creation. This creation has given you so much, what are you going to return ?. what gift are you going to give to the people who are yet to come so that when they are born they feel happy that “you” discovered something that is adding more luxury, more beauty to their lives and making their lives more meaningful. This “what” should be the primary purpose of your life and your whole life should revolve around this “what”. The purpose of our life then is first to find the purpose, the source has given you freedom, you can choose a purpose that you like, you can first find the purpose and then later on devote yourself to the fulfillment of that purpose. The purpose you choose becomes the purpose of you life.

This life is like a vast ocean. Some people just drift with the current, some people get drowned but some people dive deep into this ocean and they find pearls, beautiful sparkling pearls. A lot of pearls are waiting to be discovered only if you are willing to dive in.

Everything that has a beginning has an end. The end is as beautiful as the beginning, we just don’t appreciate it. This is the end of this series. I hope I have cleared your doubts and removed the contradictions. I hope you can find the purpose of your life.

So!!… the series has ended but the blog will continue with different topics in the subsequent posts. If you have any questions, you can ask in the comments.

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