The Life Journey, First Entry

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The Life Journey, First Entry
Posted On 11/14/2008 00:35:03 by ChidoOne

Hello and thanks for reading this. Its my first entry.Ill Introduce Myself.

Im 25 years young and right now i have an income of 600 dollars per month.

Right now im leaving with my girlfriend as i have my house rented(so theres where my income comes from hehehe).

I have just turned 25 and i have made my mission to see how far i can go until i turn 26(of curse is more than that but its only the beginning).

I know i dont earn right now as much as i would like. I only have enough to go by. But i have a plan.

I want to jumpstart a business of well being. So ive decided to make my own juice brand. Itll be 100% fresh juice made daily. I will sell it with the people who sells the morming paper everyday in every intersection of the city. Obviously ill start at the pace i can mantain and let the knowledge ill aquire guide me.

So with that said ill just add that ill report daily on my journey. Thanks for stoping by!.

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