The Goal by E. M. Goldratt

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The Goal by E. M. Goldratt
Posted On 08/12/2008 09:35:45 by sky

So, I just finished with the book ” The Goal ” by EMG. I am going to write a few lines about it.

The book essentially is about the story of a Maunufacturing Plant Manager who deals with several challenges in his personal and professional life with a little guidance from his former Physics mentor. It is about identifying the one absolute objective of the organisation and then streamlining your efforts to that end. In this case for example ( as in most other cases) the ultimate objective comes out to be deceptively simple – ” the aim of the plant is to make Money” all the other fluff is secondary to this objective.

Then once you have your Goal then you start to think about these:

1) What to Change ( the most major Bottleneck) ?

2) What to change to ?

3) How to effect/implement the change ?

He emphasises on the point that Bottlenecks need to be treated ‘special’. According to him the efficiency of the bottleneck in away decides the efficiency of the whole plant itself. An hour lost on the Most important bottleneck is an hour lost for the plant ( if most of the parts happen to pass throught the bottleneck).

It needs to be kept in mind that the bottleneck the author refers to is not just a Physical limitation but it could be even be something as non-physical as company’s policies, market demand etc.

The author also hints that this approach can even be extended to Life itself ( he doesnt go too deep here).

And also he points out that this whole process is an on-going approach. there is no one-time fix. Its dynamic in the sense that once you have dealt with one constraint successfully it is only natural that in due course of time some other non-constraint may turn into a bottleneck ( eg. if you sucessfully increase the production very highly then trhe sales and marketing may turn into a bottleneck later). So, this is a process of ‘on-going improvement’

All in all the book is a decent read and especially good for people directly involved in manufacturing. I have come to know that he has also written similar books about management too. It would be real nice to have a chance to read them too.

I am writing this stuff primarily so that I may be able to review it later as and when I need and I will also be happy if this helps any of you folks too.


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