Setting Goals

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Setting Goals
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About Goal Setting

Goal setting is a commonly accepted method in business and private life management suggested by lots of inspirational and strategic teachers.

The process of goal setting makes unconscious goals conscious. It makes you contemplate on what your true desire is. It is suggested to write your goals down. For that, you must become absolutely clear about you goals, besides writing down a goal is, similar to signing a contract, a greater commitment.

Psychologists believe that setting goals affect our unconscious mind. To affect the subconscious mind in a desired way there are rules how to formulate your goals and beliefs. The subconscious mind does not understand negation and time constraints. Consequentially, all goals and beliefs must be formulated in positive way and in present time. Note the consistency to the law of attraction and the film “The Secret” where it is suggested to focus only on positive things in life and to visualize having achieved your goal already.

Common Rules for Setting Goals

I. Positivity Phrase goals and beliefs in a positive way, without negations (“I am financially successful” instead of “I do not want to be in dept anymore”),

II. Presence Phrase goals and beliefs in present time (“I am successful” instead of “I will be successful next year”)

III. Concretion Be as concrete as possible (write down a specific amount of money, e. g. “I have passive income of 10.000 US$ per month” instead of writing something like “I have more money”).

IV. Openmindness Focus on end results only. Omit unnecessary restrictions or other aspects just to make your goal more plausible, more believable. There is no point in it. Thus aim high, dare to desire things you can barely dream of.

V. Creativity Be creative, not competitive. Do not include comparisons in your beliefs and goals (do not write something like “I have more money than Mr. X” or “I am the most intelligent in my office”, instead write down something like “I am excellent at my job”, remember to be as specific as possible).

Steps to Take

For the initial orientation, there are three categories in life where you can set goals to start with: health, wealth (money, career…), and social relationships (love life, friends, social skills…). You do not have to stick to these categories, however.

Now sit down in a calm place and put your life challenges aside. Write down your goals for the period of five years; ask yourself, how do you imagine your life in five years from now? Write down the specific year and month when you will live the life of your dreams. Do the same for the period of three years and for the period of one year. Finally, write your goals down for the period of six months; order these goals according to their priority. Write down the first doable concrete steps to take in the near future to achieve the goals you have set for the first six month period.

Know that there is nothing you cannot be, achieve or experience. You can be whatever you want to be, you can achieve whatever you want to achieve, and you can experience whatever you want to experience. Thus, feel free to aim high; set goals that seem to be far beyond your abilities at present moment.

Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it will achieve. (Napoleon Hill)

Everyone Want Something

There are people, who claim that they have no desires or goals, thus nothing to write down. This claim is based largerly on the disbelief that the desired goals cannot be achieved; meaning that the person actually does have goals but do not dare to commit to them because the current life situation seems to be so desperate and the goals so far beyond.

I reassert that there are always goals to set. Even if you indeed do not know what you desire, than the first goal to set would be “I (want to) know what I desire”.

Stick to Your Goals

It is important to stick to your goals. Adjust them to concretize. But never change you goals in disbelief as the time passes and you start thinking that some goals are not achievable by you or do not manifest in time. Still, do not change them in doubt.

Reality is like an inert mirror: it reflects the essence of your thoughts with a delay to filter out short-time fluctuations you always have. The mirror (the reality) will reflect the goals you are certain about. If you change your goals affected by a cloudy reflection causing disbelief, the final reflection will be blurred too. Thus, stick to your goals!

Effects to Notice

As soon as you write down your goals and commit to them (meaning that you are being serious about what you are writing down), ideas and visions will start to come within few months. To your social circle nothing noticeable will happen to your life at first. But you will notice a change within. You will become conscious of things you were not before. Your new experience will strengthen your belief that the goals you have set are indeed achievable by you. You will even get previsions (an inspiration) of your future life which can be taken as an opportunity to confirm or to adjust your goals. Finally, as soon as you start to believe in yourself and your ideas, you will gain the courage to start taking the right action; and at this point your life will start to really change.

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