Purposeful Person

2:32 pm in Self-Development by Artem-Iashin

“The existence of truly purposeful person is full of simplicity and clarity. Nothing, except GOAL, has no importance. The world consists of only two colors: black and white. All phenomena, facts and events fall into two categories: useful for deal and harmful. From this occur delightful concrete actions. Useful should be encouraged, harmful – should be removed.”     /B.Akunin/

Choosing your Goal is one of the most important things, that you should do. It’s the beginning and at the same time – the end.

Your Goal will be your best friend in this life. When everything will be against you in this world…when you will feel constant stress, depression..that you are a loser and nothing in this world…only your Goal will help you to stand on your feet. This is your lighthouse in the storm of life.

Look how beatiful and genius are words of Akunin. “Life of truly purposeful person is full of simplicity and clarity” It’s so true, so true…

Are you a purposeful person?

P.S. You may ask, what will I do, when my goal is achieved? this is simple – choose another goal and move forward, this is infinite process.

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