Public speaking mindset!

4:20 pm in Self-Development by developing_success

Almost nobody out there talks about the importance of having a proper mindset to make killer presentations. What you constantly say in your head all the time is what you are, if you have a bad impression about yourself or having negative ideas that will drastically affect your presentation, in fact mindset is everything!

Mr Ford said that if you believe you can or cannot do it, you’re usually right, why? Because you condition yourself to fail or succeed. Would you imagined if when you were a baby you would have adopted the belief that you will never be able to walk? Are you trying to adopt a belief like that now related to public speaking? Don’t even considered my friend!

What you reflect outside is what you think in the inside, if you trust that you are capable and you’ll be able to be a master on making public presentations, then you will do so.

How can we change negative beliefs about public speaking?

  1. Identify it and find the reason why you have it, no matter how bad it is, it is serving a purpose
  2. Now that you know the purpose, change it with a new empowering one that will serve your need but in a constructive way
  3. Repeat it as many times as necessary to replace your bad habits and remember that you must be in a deep emotional state to change them!


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