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Hi everyone!

My name is Artem and I’m a new member of SelfMadeVip team (by  invitation of my good friend Vik Torados).

English is not my native language, so I appologize in advance for my mistakes :) with time they will disappear…

I’ll be responsible for creating content for blog and social media (I’m sure that you will like it ;)

So, Who am I, what I do in life and why Viktorados has invited me?

I’m 27 years old. I’m entrepreneur with 5 years expirience. My current project is e-shop ART of MAN, that is №1 e-shop in our country in niche of mens jewelry and accesories. Also I’m co-owner of wholesale company, that imports men’s jewelry products (such as Bico Asutralia and Spikes-USA) and sell it to offline shops all over the country. So I have both online and offline business expirience.

During one year I was a member and a teacher of Student Business Club, that helps young students to start their own business.

With Viktorados we met on one very powerful training of social dynamics few years ago, and this training has changed us on very, very deep level. And since than our friendship has began.

I have collected very powerfull knowledges about business, social dynamics, power and self development from around the world and this knowledges I want to share with all members of SelfMadeVip community.

It will be pleasure for me to help other people to get high results and reach their goals in life. And become real, real VIP.







Good Luck everyone!

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