My Global Values

12:03 am in Self-Development by viktorados

What is a global value? It is a state that I would like to have in my life. It has a great influence on my decision making process! There are two types of values/states: the ones I would like to have (success, growth, love, comfort, adventure, passion, happiness, freedom, security) and the ones I do not want to experience (rejection, worry, frustration, failure, loneliness, anger, boredom, sadness). These both types of values can have different importance for me. E.g.: I want to experience success more than comfort or I want to avoid rejection more than loneliness. Many of my values I have taken over from my parents and friends. Now the time has come to write down these two groups in an order ‘ beginning with most important for me (with five values in each group).

By looking on them I can find out a lot interesting about me. Here are placed most clues which explain easily my past decisions. If I want to avoid failure more than enjoy success ‘ then every time I will have an opportunity to start a new business, I will decline it because for me avoiding failure is much more valuable than the possible future success. The same is when I want to avoid rejection more than loneliness ‘ the result will be obvious: I will not attempt to make more friends, because for me not being rejected has the greatest value.

To have a deeper insight into my values, I write now for each of them, what they mean for me, what do I have to do to be in this state, what do I associate them with. My value success means ‘ I am successful anytime I have achieved something. I am being loved, only when my honey kisses every time she returns home. I have failed, only when I did not achieve the desired result. I am rejected, only if the person I attempted to start conversation with did not show any interest in me.

Now my goal is to strengthen and transform these beliefs into the empowering ones, the ones that will create a true VIP life for me and will support me on my way to the top! I take the old global values, and I modify their meanings for me, because I do not want them to disturb my emotional state and my future any more!

From this moment on, I know that I am successful and happy any time I am above ground. Every day, when I wake up and see that I am above ground ‘ I am successful and happy. I challenge you my problems and obstacles! I know that the only way I can fail is ‘ when I stop fighting and when I not analyze the previous outcomes on my way to the goal! As long as I keep fighting, analyze the past results and improve my strategy ‘ I am a committed achiever and winner! That’s who am I!

There is not such value as rejection for me. I know that I am an intelligent, successful and charismatic person. And if somebody is not showing interest in me ‘ hey, step aside, I see hundreds of people behind you, who are willing to give up everything only to keep in touch with me and benefit from my attention, humor, charisma and positive life attitude!

From this moment on, I know that I worry and become frustrated, only if I refuse to play in this nice game of life. What do growth and adventure mean to me? Growth means to me a never ending improvement of my beliefs and values, widening my life goals horizon and leaving all emotional limits and borders in the past! Adventure means setting new and new goals, planning them carefully and enjoying taking action and achieving them! Life is fabulous! Isn’t it?!

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