My Global Beliefs/Expectations

12:04 am in Self-Development by viktorados

From the early childhood I have been greatly influenced by the beliefs and values of my parents and friends. During the first years of my life I have literary copied these parts of their character. I have borrowed their fear, this frustration and their disbelief as well. These global beliefs, values and associations are the biggest parts of a person’s character. They define my reaction towards different challenges and opportunities in my life and thus define my whole future.

What is a global belief? It is an idea that something can or cannot be done, often supported by reasons. It has a great influence on my emotional state and on the direction I move in this game! E.g.: “There are no opportunities in this world for me!”, “Life is dull and uninteresting!”, “This life is and will be a total struggle for me, which will bring me nothing but pain and disappointment” or “I cannot succeed in this business, because I am too young”. These global beliefs are negative ones. If I will live with them for some time ‘ they will become real, because what I focus on I create! In my head these key phrases “no opportunities” or “life is dull” become associated and will swim up every time I will pronounce the word “opportunity” or “life”, thus raising an invisible dark fence around me, shielding me from opportunities and joy.

But I know how this challenging game, called life, is built; I know that there is nothing impossible, if I have only opened my mind for opportunities; I know that I have enough strength in me to find and destroy my negative beliefs, and replace them with the positive ones.

Let me change my old beliefs to new empowering ones.

What a glorious day filled with love, opportunity and success! I know that the life is full of opportunities and rewards. I have only to free my mind from negativity, look around and be pleasantly surprised by a huge number of chances it offers!

I know that my life is the greatest and most interesting game, full of nice challenges to make me strong and better. Hey, you challenge, come here and I will show you how fast you will be defeated, and how fast I will be enriched by this victory.

I know that my life is greatly influenced by my global beliefs and expectations. From now on I have only the positive and empowering ones. They bring more excitement, joy and energy into my life. I feel it everyday. I am young, I am strong and I am ready to win in this nice game!

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